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Toronto tunes

Tricky kid

TRIBE Member
i am always hearing new tracks from the uk shows, uk producers uk this uk that...

i would like to hear some new Toronto drum and bass production, visionary, vinyl syndicate, hustling beats, fortress, up and coming producers, etc.

please put up some links


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don't really know if there is any links I'm afraid

i don't really understand why, they could easily put dubs and unreleased tunes on alot of UK websites(for free), but i never see any up.

not much help:(

Nebu kad

TRIBE Member
well, there is

furiouserecords.net , they have dubs

not sure about visionary website.

Tdot has lots of underground producers who are up and comming. so are past that and are way underated and should have had a bunch of releases by now.
I feel really confident about tdot's electronic scene in the future...but i am thinking in terms of years, esp. for dnb. i think other genres are more developed, ie house + techno. But on a more experimetal side, Moonstar is doing well.


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Furious records are on point righ tnow!!

they have two tunes that are tops in my charts

Speed, and Glass Slipper (Vocal Mix)
Both are wicked, and I know there are some big things comin from these guys this year.
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true, i forgot about the furious site, I'm really digging their sound right now. Lotsa good energy-filled tracks.

Someone needs to set up a website where up and comers can put up their dubs for the world to hear. It can really lead to alot of peeps getting heard and signed. I know that a few guys that put tunes up on DOA or the Gain dubplate site have been signed by labels.

If i knew anything I'd do it, but I don't, so I can't.

It would be good for toronto drum & bass though, would bring alot more exposure


Tricky kid

TRIBE Member
i just want to hear some toronto stuff. visionary, vinyl syndicate etc all the toronto guys. i only get to hear new toronto tracks once in a blue moon when i go to a "rave" or club in the t dot and i think that i should be able to hear it at home.


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If you click the Top Ten section of the Furious site, you'll also be able to hear some Jedi tunes along with some other currently unreleased Toronto tunes.

Coming soon is the www.blaydrunner.com update which will include our next couple of releases. They are killers so be warned!!

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