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Toronto Star keeps its VerticalScope 45 million user data breach quiet for 4 months


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This is probably one of the largest data breaches in Canadian history, with 45 million users impacted across a network of forums run by VerticalScope, a Toronto Star company.

The Toronto Star kept it quiet as long as it could, but was apparently forced to go public after nosy reporters from ZDNET began contacting the company in April.

It is interesting to note that no mention of the size of the massive data breach is mentioned in the Toronto Star article. The story reads more like a PR plug for Vertical Scope and the Star than an unbiased reporting of what amounts to one of the largest data breaches in Canadian history.

I wonder if they even notified the privacy commissioner about this breach?

More on the Toronto Star data breach from these sites:


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TheStar biased for its interests?!? Get out! Maybe they buried the news on that tablet app no one uses.


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I got the email warning that my passwords had been compromised. I almost deleted it, figured it was junk mail. Took a closer look and was pissed to see they got me on a couple different fronts....

fuck the Star....they will sell out every other scandal in a heart beat but cover this shit up in a blink of a eye