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Toronto Star article today about my visuals crew...


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Me, along with the other two members of my visuals crew were in the Star today. Strange that they put the article in the LIFE section...WTF?!?!? Oh well, I am happy.

If you want to check it out online, go to www.thestar.com and look under the Life section. It's the article titled 'Keeping an Eye on the Future'.

Just wanted to let y'all know....


P.S. It is written by the same lady who wrote the Mark Oliver feature. She's about 50 and it is so funny to hear her try and understand what is going on in the 'club/rave scene'. Kudos to her for trying though.


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Thanks Stretch....

You're the man who gave us our first gig. And to this day, your parties are easily the most fun to play at...




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what what what?

hey I used to work with lane. tell him steve says hello and congrats. (you aren't lane, are you??)
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....just read the article today. Great work guys. :D

I think it was Lane who emailed me soon after Smirnoff regarding my comments on tranceaddict about the visuals - they were definately a cut above what what I used to seeing...