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Toronto ROCK!

The Kid

TRIBE Member
Just got back from my first Toronto Rock Lacrosse game... the fans are nuts, the players are bonkers... what a game! Too bad we lost to Call-Gary.

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I had a chance to check out a game, finally, earlier this year when my brother was in town - and not having watched a lax game since I played 8 years ago I had forgotten how chippy/violent the game actually is. Made me wish there was an adult rec league to play again.
It was a great game to watch and if I could find someone to go with I'd go to more, although it bugs the shit out of me when they play the music over top of the game?!?

The Kid

TRIBE Member
went to the toronto vs. philly game on saturday... kickass, the rock is in the playoffs baby!


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the rock will be in the playoffs if they win their next game - don't count your chickens yet. Rochester and Minnesota are tied w/ us right now w/ 2 spots left. We HAVE to beat rochester next sat.

but this sat was a kick ass game - down 6 points 2x to come back and tie in the 4th, winning in sudden death OT. That 1st qtr was miserable - watson was a fucking black hole.

our transition game this year SUCKS - i dunno why the coach insists on binary strings, either defence or offence. We have some great transition players like veltman, merrill and even phil sanderson. We're not taking advantage of the fastbreaks to score and we're losing on the opposing team's fastbreaks cuz the offensive player isn't quick enough in getting back to the bench to let the defensive substitution out.

edit: and yes! LACROSSE KICKS ASS!
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