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Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive Presents - TRMA Vol 6 - Dj Jelo


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Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive.com is proud to present Volume 6 in our sites on going mix tape series. Volume 6 is brought to you by none other than Dj Jelo!

Jelo - Bio

A true Canadian veteran and pioneer of EDM for nearly 2 decades. Time flies by when you're having fun and when it comes to having some fun, JELO rules. Since 1996 JELO has been a leader in the electronic music scene. His style of music and presentation is unique, standing out amongst the music revellers and always bringing in new applications for use. In a word, his live shows are amazing. Armed with tech-tools and an infectious visual headbang, JELO makes you dance. His tireless desire to spread joy through music compels him to perform a magical, hard-hitting style that inspires dance floor partiers to push their limits. No two performances are alike and that's proven each time JELO hits the mixer. In Venues big or small, the sensation is always a full blown spectacle. Since the inception of JELO, clubs & parties across the globe have taken a cue from his incorporation of the spiciest elements of Electro House, Techno, Breaks and Rock blended with wild mixing abilities. With over a decade of touring, JELO has evolved from a DJ to a live remixer and beyond, JELOs productions rock floors, cars and mp3 players worldwide. JELOs music has been played by DJs like Umek, Gareth Emery, Bad Boy Bill, Morgan Page, Matt Zo, Above and Beyond, Pete Tong, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan and more. Many of Canada's top dance music producers chose to collaborate with JELO, because he has the exact notion of what moves dance floors. Some of these collaborations brought forth certified anthems such as "The Reward is Cheese", a collab with deadmau5, which became a bonafide #1 hit on beatport.com and an Electro-House anthem the world round. "Donkey Punch" , with Hatiras, a top ten anthem on its own- which brought about beatports #1 breakbeat edit by Elite Force called 'M.A.D.' and then won best breakbeat track of 2011 as well as "Speakerhumper", the minimal tech slayer. His more recent works with Adam K. on Hotbox Digital brought forth re-edits from Krafty Kuts and "Room Mates" signed to Funkagenda's Funk Farm Label. His remixes for Calvertron and the bumping "Nordlicht" Remix upon Bugeyed Records charted for months, then saw re-release and further charting again. He's recently begun work with Mexico's Dance Floor Funker Fredrik Mooij and the results have been explosive with signings to Spencer & Hill's Bazooka Records. His newest remix of Icarus Fly hit 'Burn the sky' just reached #2 on Trackitdown. Now in 2013 with a signing to SectionZ, JELO has collaborated with genius Savant. The single which will see release in May is absolutely incredible and is bound to turn heads yet again. He's headlined major Festivals like Ultra, Burning Man, Digital Dreams, WEMF, VEMF, PRiDE Toronto and much more... His sets and tracks have been heard all over the world. The intensity of his performance is legendary. A whole generation of dance music lovers have been inspired by JELO to elevate their output on the floor. He responds accordingly with fist pumping, knob tweaking, mix master worthy head banging excitement. Dedicated to his craft with ferocity, addicted to music, spreading his brand of performance everywhere, JELO is guided by an awesome natural intensity, an astonishing musical dedication and a drive to change the world one beat at a time...

BUY : JELO :: Beatport & itunes
HEAR : @jelo HEAR SOME MORE : JELO | Mixcloud
WATCH : JELO - YouTube
FRIEND : www.facebook.com/therealJELO
NEWS : www.twitter.com/djjelo
EXIST : www.myspace.com/djjelo
PODCAST : itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-j…show/id5339889175


PreEmptive T1 AlexandriaPalace 1936 - Si Begg
Everywhere That I Go - Jonathan Rosa
Get Wild - John Dahlback
Lime Women - C
Klambu - Bassjackers & Apster
Long Way Home - Fedde Le Grand & Sultan + Ned Sheppard
After Dark (Nom De Strip Rmx) - Style of Eye
You're Not Alone (Stuart Software Rmx) - Adam K
Alienz (Botnek Rmx) - DallaK
You Gogga Want Me (Hey Today Rmx) - Tiga
Get What You Give - Alex Kenji
Battle Of Bunker Hill - Jelo, Jefr Tale
Speaker Humper (Frederik Mooij Rmx) - Hatiras & Jelo
Go For Launch - Jelo

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Jelo - Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive Presents - Vol 6
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RoB 2da B

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i used to have a wicked jelo double cassette pack, i think it was called tales of fantasy, or fantasia or something like that

i think it had a skeleton hanging on the front

anyone have this one they could put up?