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Toronto LF: Live Pa Artist


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Seeing this gets the most traffic on the board thought I would post here...

Post Toronto LF: Live Pa Artist
Hey peeps I approached a venue to play a gig and they have responded and are interested in putting a night together so I am looking for another LivePA to fill the bill...

It is still in tje planning stage and I asked for dates late May or June Fri or Sat night... Also said I could draw between 30-40 people...

Here is the venue write up and site...





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Sounds like a cool idea. I'll come check it out. But finding another quality hardware PA guy might be difficult these days.

To any layman now who's a "Real DJ", it would look like cockpit of the space shuttle.

Sal De Ban

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i can perform a few of my track as live PA, but I'm still looking for logical ways to flow between tracks, as if it were a seamless DJ set. I'm not 100% satisfied with my set as of this moment. My sampler is a little tough to use live because it takes about 60 seconds to load up a new bank...ugh.

I really hope you're able to put this together. I'll show up for sure.


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My sampler is a little tough to use live because it takes about 60 seconds to load up a new bank...ugh.
I hear that. I've got 2MB of memory on my live rig's main sampler and I have to delete and load new samples from floppy disks during my live sets more than a few times.

Why? Because when I say I party like it's 1999, I mean it. :D
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This thread made me end up trying to map my Vestax TR1 to ableton to use as a live PA device. I had a good deal of success too, before I shut it down.

But I'm a software guy. Definitely not the same kind of street credit if we're on hardware.

But it opened my eyes a bit for other options for that device other than a traktor controller.

It could be linked into the DJM 500 as a third deck, but using a minimal set of grooves to put down over top of the 1200's. Etc. Neat.


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Stick to your own night, and be a leader. No one want's a mixtape.

is this the same Graze?

It's still all Ableton, Man.
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