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Toronto Hydro to raise rates because of condo development


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Have you all see that flyer in this month's electricity bill from Toronto Hydro explaining that a main cause for the coming rate increases is because of condo development?

Shouldn't the new condo developers themselves be footing the bill to connect their buildings to the electrical grid? And improving the grid quality so connections can be made?

Has Toronto's population exploded so much that all these new condo dwellers are putting a new strain on the Toronto Hydro system, or didn't these people actually move away from other Toronto areas which puts less strain in their former neighborhoods?

This sounds like a cheap ploy to raise electricity rates to me. Perhaps Toronto Hydro should have been investing in infrastructure replacement and renewal over the last few decades instead of filling their executives pockets with money.
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I would probably equate the new condo development along the Spadina-Dufferin corridor the equivalent of chaining together hundreds of power bars into one electrical outlet.


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they also have to pay other provinces/states to take the excess when there is some
they have to buy whatever paltry power wind/solar is produced first(at incredibly high rates to boot)

they wonder why the manufacturing sector is all but gone from ontario

fits in with their scam to get ppl to not use power, then when ppl conserve and they dont make money they just raise the rates...amaze


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yah, why don't they just turn off the nuclear reactors when we don't need that power? Surely it's that simple.
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I say a gaggle of 300ft tall tesla coils... just turn em on when supply outstrips demand and you've got the light show to end all lightshows.


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yah, why don't they just turn off the nuclear reactors when we don't need that power? Surely it's that simple.
how about not forcing wind/solar on us when it costs a fuck ton more than any other type of generation, and is far too sporadic a means of production to be useful

got any ideas other than glib answers?


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In Ontario, electricity bills are reason to weep - The Globe and Mail

Indeed, the most important charge is the one that doesn’t directly appear on most people’s monthly statements. It’s called the “global adjustment” fee and it’s tacked on to your electricity charge to cover the government’s cost of buying above-market-priced wind, solar, nuclear and gas-fired power from private operators. Oh, and part of it now goes to pay for those Toronto-area gas plants former premier Dalton McGuinty cancelled to win NIMBY votes in the 2011 election.
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Generally speaking, engineers are not concerned with price/cost.

Engineers are gently (gregariously?) saying:


and then some economist or finance person or AdRiaN says "Well, it's gonna cost ya."