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Toronto Hydro rates to go up every year, forever


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Conserving energy definitely will mitigate issues with these increases. Usage + delivery my monthly bill last month was $30.
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I was getting bills for about 80- 90 every two months before my flat mate moved in. now its more like 90-110 $ maybe every two months. of course in the summer its higher due to AC, but i really dont find how much i pay terrible. and thats with;

me having my 46" Tv on and my Tower Computer and HD Stereo Receiver w/ 650watt powered sub on from when i go home till i go to bed unless im not there, usually playing music, browsing online, some gaming, tv watching etc.

my flatmate is pretty much the same and i would say he even falls asleep regularly with his on. his is just TV and laptop though.

in the living room, halogen floor lamp and 3 x 15 watt bulb fixture. otherwise , the only thing that is on all the time is the Fridge.

i try to always make sure that nothing is on when i leave my apt other than the fridge though.


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Hydro bills of residential and commercial customers 21 major North American cities.

Data Source: Hydro Quebec

1) Average home - (using 1000 kWh per month)
Monthly bill

Montreal - $68.00
Winnipeg - $76.00
Vancouver - $89.00
Ottawa $123.00
Toronto - $125.00

2) Small retail business
(for example: a corner store, a small restaurant, a small computer repair shop)
Average monthly bill

Winnipeg - $750
Montreal $900
Regina -$1100
Ottawa - $1225
Toronto $1240

3) Medium sized business
(for example: larger hotels, large grocery stores, office buildings, big box retail)
Average Monthly Bill

Winnipeg $23,000
Montreal $29,000
Vancouver $28,000
Ottawa $42,000
Toronto $47,000

4) Large Institutions
(for example: colleges, universtities, hospitals, museums) Average Monthly Bill

Winnipeg $63,000
Montreal $80,000
Vancouver $88,000
Regina $110,000
Ottawa $140,000
Toronto $150,000

5) Large Commercial
(smelters, steel making, food processing, pulp & paper, auto-making, mining. These are businesses that use more than 30-million kWh of power every month)

Average monthly bill

Winnipeg $1.2-million
Montreal $1.6-million
Vancouver $1.7-million
Chicago $1.7-million
Portland Oregon $1,8-million
Houston $2.1-million
Nashville $2.3-million
Detroit $2.6-million
TORONTO - $3.8-million


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They will keep going up. FIT and MicroFIT aren't really helping with this either. Let me pay you 65 cents per kWh for something I will sell for 10 cents per kWh.

also .. We don't just sell our excess, we pay to have it offloaded .. earth hour costs it doesn't save.


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How much does it cost to generate 1 kWh of electricity via gas, coal or nuclear if you factor in the cost of the plant?
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How much does it cost to generate 1 kWh of electricity via gas, coal or nuclear if you factor in the cost of the plant?

I can't answer that, but you need to add one more factor: the operational lifetime of the plant. From there you can calculate what is truly the least expensive option.


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Guess your internet rates will be going up.

Data centres use power. A lot of power. Guess what happens for those that are in Ontario? They get charged more, and that is passed on. Yay.
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we should talk about rob ford more, i mean all he did is make the unions bend over and take it. even smoking crack he has been a better leader than mcguilty

forget about the libs and the complete shit show this province is under them. rob ford had chicken wings!


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The one common thread with all our recent leaders is we HATE them

I'm starting to think WE'Re the problem, when we have three premiers from all three parties in last decades ALL leaving under a cloud of hate.

Ontarians are a bunch of whining pricks.


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no ontario is run by unions and will vote for whoever will fatten their bank account

why do you think whorevath is still propping up wynne>> wynnne has the unions in her pocket so whorevath has zero leverage


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You're a class traitor. Save your hate for the rich, who incidentally, love it when unions are crushed.
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I love how in the conservative persecution complex, unions "run" the province of Ontario...

haha oh man - that would be really funny to anyone you pluck out of the 1950s or 60s and show them the compliant unions of today stuck between the rock of ascendant free market religiousity and the hard place of globalization.

People's garbage dont get picked up one summer or they hear about people they know who couldn't take the subway that year during the strike on the car radio - and they think that unions "run" the province of ontario

When's the last time we even had a general strike?

That shit is commonplace in Europe, and they have more responsive politicians cause people go apeshit when their shit gets f*cked with instead of like here, where hard times pushed on fellow workers is a sign of progress. Our guys have a lot of flexibility to just soak the poor and feed the rich while we cheer on from the sidelines.


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I don't think corporations have enough power. I want to vote in politicians who crush unions so they can have even more freedom.

Cause we all know when you drop the freedom bomb on corporations, you like SUPERCHARGE everything!

It's like going from normal cheese doritos to EXTREME cheese doritos!


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Heat People Not Buildings: Leigh Christie at TEDxBeaconStreet

His TEDx talk, “Heating Buildings is Stupid,” demonstrates the MIT SENSEable City Laboratory’s efforts to tackle energy issues. Their research focuses on finding an alternative to the staggering waste of energy used to heat large spaces. Although TED talk articles are a rarity at Hackaday, we think this idea is both simple and useful. Also, [Leigh] is the same guy who brought us the Mondo Spider a few years ago for the Burning Man exhibition. He’s a hacker.

Anyway, what is it? The system he’s devised is so simple that it’s brilliant: a person-tracking infrared heat spotlight. Using a Microsoft Kinect, the lamp follows you around and keeps the individual warm rather than the entire space. [Leigh] has grand plans for implementing what he calls “Local Heating” in large buildings to save on energy consumption, but smaller-scale implementations could prove equally beneficial for a big garage or a workshop. How much does your workspace cost to heat during the winter? Hackerspaces seem like the perfect test environment for a cobbled-together “Local Heating” system. If anyone builds one, we want to hear about it.

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take some time for yourself, when you're ready, take a look in your packet for ways to start the next phase of your career.



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Really? That much vitriol over an extra $10 a month?

I guess that terribly written op-ed piece accomplished what it set out to do - further rile up the easily angered.


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We're all way underpaying for electricity anyways - if true costs were passed on we'd be calculating the impact to future generations from all the extraction and pollution our consumption of said energy is costing.

But yes, another boring example of a political ideology just stuck in rote repetition and the outrage cycle


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for the past 2 billing cycles I've used 4K kwh (?).

previous to that the highest ever in a cycle was 3K.

we average about 1800-2200

how is it possible we blew past a record? is there a way to set something TO the smart meter to see how it is reading my usage and if it is right?
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