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Toronto Housing Project


TRIBE Promoter
This week - DJ's Hali & Gerald

Here's a link to the weekly schedule page on the Netmusique website where you can click on the Toronto Housing Project archived set -


Hali starts the show off, then my set starts at 1:11:50 and goes till around 2:21:30, then Hali finishes things off.
Here's a tracklist from my set:
Artist – Title (Label)
Royksopp – Remind Me [Tom Middleton Cosmos mix] (Astralwerks)
2nd Shift – Vertigo (Seasons)
Adam H. Zaki – Givin It To You (Loop D’ Loop)
Next Evidence – Blowin’ Drums (Basic)
Shades Of Black – Deeper Still (Intrigue)
Metro – Turnstyle Turbulance (Nu Groove)
Phuture – The Creator (Trax)
Bobby Konders – Slackness & A Sax [Crown Heights mix] (XL)
PCP Project – The Trip (Siege)
Purveyors Of Fine Funk – Ashes Smashing Red (Peacefrog)
Pepe Braddock – Life (Atavisme)
Ron Trent – Love (Peacefrog)
Josh Wink – Sixth Sense [Kevin Yost Booty in the Butta mix] (Ovum)


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