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Toronto City Hall Olympic Pride Flag Flap


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I am not a supporter of either Rob Ford or the Olympics, especially this year's Homophobic Olympics, but this City Hall Pride Flag flap seems to be totally bogus IMO. Shouldn't gay folk be rising up against the Olympic Committee, and especially key event sponsors like Visa? I am sure if all the noise was directed at the corporate sponsors, heads would roll. All this other fluff is meaningless if you ask me.

Raising a flag (or not) is like one of those feel good activities that accomplishes nothing. I guess if gay people cut up their Visa cards in protest it would have much more of an impact, but I am not sure they want to go there because it would be too inconvenient.
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the failure was representative of equality of all. heh.

seems fitting.
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dig this

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Rob Ford really has no say in the matter... Just like all other aspects of running the city - he is basically clueless on how things work and thinks that he can just raise a big enough stink and bully his ideas through.

Flag raising and half-masting - Protocol Services - City Clerk's Office | City of Toronto

About flag raisings

The City of Toronto will fly, on existing courtesy flag poles, flags of nations recognized by by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, on its national day or on the anniversary of a special occasion; or flags of non-profit or charitable organizations; for up to two weeks upon the written request of the group or organization.

Requests to use the courtesy flagpole will be confirmed on a first come first served basis. Please send your request on your organization letterhead marked "Flag Raising" to Protocol Services and include the following information:

  • organization name, address, contact, title, phone number and email address
  • proposed date and time of flag raising ceremony
  • purpose of flag raising
  • ceremony details(if a ceremony is required)
  • request for a ceremony
  • equipment required e.g. lectern, microphone, CD player
  • name of flag to be raised
  • photo of flag to be raised


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pretty cynical take IMO. Gestures of solidarity are important. Not everyone has the time to put boots to the ground or what have you. Just do a cursory search - the likes of Coke and McDonald's have been bombarded the past several months over this. It's a complicated issues - what's the end goal?

It's a human rights issue. Pro sports, just about no one has come out while still playing, and worse yet, if you don't uphold some code or even just in the heat of battle you might get called a faggot or cocksucker. Many Olympic sports are niche sports and as such they've attracted a fair share of so-called outsiders, like gays, who might not be into traditional pro sports or the jock culture. But the Games been awarded to a place who's made a point, after that fact, to insist they're less human than the rest of us.
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we are flying both flags. the pole they have the pride flag on is where they put special flags. The canadian flag is always flying, 365 days a year, on another, taller pole. Ford is a complete moron if he doesn't understand the flag protocols at City Hall.


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Ford IS a complete moron. Now of all times, he pokes people and makes more enemies?

Even if he doesn't believe it at all, he should be hugging homos and tellin everyone how he was wrong before.

He needs friends now, not more enemies.


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almost feel like, though it wasn't "planned" the dynamic duo knows no logical conservative is going to vote for them, no Bay St money this time etc, so they're going to make sure they do everything to get out every vote of the most degenerate part of Ford Nation that thinks their "normative" straight white world is being threatened, so this isn't the most terrible issue.

Working in the media, I know not to go by news comments sections to measure amount or depth of feeling, but there ARE more than a couple of people out there who think gays are being accorded "special" status by this. For every comment about and liberals being pussies there's an articulate but misguided comment that begins "I'm not a homophobe, but he does have a point..PC police...blah blah" It's mind-boggling.


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It wasn't until I left Zanzibar that I realized being gay was a crime punishable by death.

Which is a good thing because after months of shirtless starving black guys I finally saw a hot Swedish boy studying calculus at the resort over which I was taking care.

Tanned, buff, shirtless, and calculus!

me> "Can I get you a beer?
me: Drink a beer and get drunk dammit and shag me
him> "Thanks I'm OK"

His were the only blue eyes I had seen aside from my own in six months.

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