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ToqueWear Urban Apparel


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so these guys buy a lotta blanks from american apparel, print an ugly logo in a spastic font and expect to make $

someone put them out of their misery


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wow... that's quality right there

Subsonic Chronic

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Pretty unexciting if you ask me. They don't even sell any toques!

Just t's and hoodies with their ugly logo.

Is this really what passes for a "clothing label" these days?
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I'm suprised the ads are visible to registered members.

Trance Addict has a similar board I think, and their ads only show if you aren't a logged in member of the forum.

Any way we can get that function here as well??


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But how would Alex sell ads that way? Marketers and their ilk want to know who they're reaching, and Alex can really only provide useful stats about registered members (before you go crazy - not their personal info, just how many people are loking at a given time).