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top ten for the year.


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Ok, it's that time of the year again..the final 10 tunes that did it for you...my ten have been narrowed down to the 10 that always give me energy, and that i've yet to tire of playing.

1. J Majik-Space Invaderz Remix...i was so blown away by this the first time i heard it.The High Contrast/Optical remixes were execellent too.

2. Faith In Chaos-Possession (Kemal and Rob Data Remix)...That bassline is serious!

3. Stakka and Skynet-Altitude
4. Kemal and Rob Data-Gene Sequence
5. Sniper and Platinum-Suvival
6. Zinc-Pitcher
7. Marcus Intalex-Universe
8. Shimon-Hush Hush
9. J Majik-Solarize
10. Zinc-Disturbed


evil homer

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1)Klute - Tranceformat
2)J Majik - Spaced Invaderz rmx
3)Manix - Hardcore Junglism (Total Science rmx)
4)Rufige Kru - Beachdrifta
5)Green Man - Infinity
6)Future Cut - Hideous Kinky
7)Klute - Song Seller
8)Paradox - Leave our Planet
9)Omni Trio - Kinetic
10)4hero - 9x9 (MIST rmx)

bonus track - calibre - mystic

And bootleg of the year goes to Jill Scott (the one that doesn't have legalize on the flip)


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rentboy, you are the first person that i know of who likes Zinc-Pitcher.. besides me.

wikkid tune!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by air-bag:
rentboy, you are the first person that i know of who likes Zinc-Pitcher.. besides me.

wikkid tune!

i liked it the first moment i heard it...goes off well in a club too.


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it's hard to sum up a whole year into 10 tunes. but..these are stand out tracks for me...in no particular order:

supply & demand - delicious
swift - damage
surge - working out
future cut - obsession
marcus intalex - play on me
uncut & future cut - midnight
patife - so tinha de ser com voce
die - synthetix/roller ball (i cant decide which i like more)
suv - nina
omni trio - higher ground
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here we go...no particular order of course

1)Klute - Song Seller
2)Shimon - Hush Hush
3)Stakka & Skynet - Altitude(could be my #1)
4)Nico & Rukkus - Operator
5)Polar - Skydiver
6)Hatiras - Spaced Invader(J majik mix)
7)Calibre - Mystic
8)SP Kollective - LK(not out but still bomb)
9)MArcus Intalex - Nightfall
10)BC - Ladies of Spain(prolly alone on this one!!)

i'm sure I missed out on some tunes that should be in there....but these are the ten that sprung to mind. I'd say it was a wicked year for Drum&Bass


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Might as well.
I don't know the names of some tracks that would be my tops of the year, so this list is the best I can do.

Mos Def, Pharaoh Monch & Nate Dogg – Oh No! (John B Smooth Mix)
Zinc – Casino Royale
Influx Datum – Forever
Shy FX – Shake It
Shimon – Hush Hush
Haritas – Spaced Invader (J Majik Remix)
Klute – Glue Sniffer
Skeptic – Tear (Rmx)
Patife - Carnival (Rmx)
Uncut & Future Cut - Midnight