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Top of the morning to you, you Irish wannabees!


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Happy St. Paddy's Day to you. May the green beer not make you too barfy and may the Leprechaun show me where all the rest of the gold is.

Bernnie Federko

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As my friend said Erin Go Bragh, Up the IRA

(I'll leave it to you to consider whether he was being serious)

And all the best, this day in ancient Egypt when the God Seth murdered his twin brother Osiris...

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Did my Irish duty today. Beautiful day at the Irish pub. Only stayed for the 2 Harps, and Poutine. After work, the local had a lineup down the street. <3

Band Just came on at that point.


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Drank green beers at my "local". Alone. Nobody sits at the bar and shoots the shit here. Depressing. Eff this.

Maybe it's time to see if Sysadmin work pays better than it used to in TO...*checks job boards*

Nope. So here I sit and stay for another while in buttfuck Sask.(Saskatoon's supposed to be a city...PAH I say to that.)
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