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top kiss fm mixes of 2003


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my favorites for the year :

1. yunus guvenen - august 29, 2003
2. hybrid - october 3, 2003
3. greg benz - april 25, 2003

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Originally posted by mandapanda
rowan blades - april 2003

I haven't heard too many KISS mixes this year either, but I was really nicely surprised by this one, excellent mix. Great choice!
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Yunus!!! is amazing IMO

steve porter's is also very very good.

umm... oh!, and the parks and vilson set is pretty good too.

starts with a sander track called "work it" and it also has an amazing amazing remix of sasha's "cloud coocku" by luke chable... i think that is the name of the track.


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agreed... i love the original and remix... the remix is more suitable for clubs though...


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i havent heard many either this year...but i would have to say, from the ones i have heard, the greg benz mix is my fav!

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love the yunus mix too...lots of great kiss mixes this year, including lots of canadian representation...lukes mix is definitely a highlight of the year!!!