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Top Downloaded Trance Sets


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Whassa goin on? Being a Drum and Bass addict, this is my first time venturing into the Trance forum, but I downloaded that Tiesto set from energy(suggested from another thread), and Sheeeit, fuckin sick. So now that I have tasted it, I want more. So please share your knowledge and help me expand my horizons. Sick proggressive sets encouraged to (can i say that word here?)
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The best place to learn about Trance would be here...
They're a great buncha guys and will tell ya everything ya need to know.


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...shit I have most of the tunnel trance force library downloaded... and a couple months ago I came in here and declared my love for them and asked for a complete list with mix names.... since then every time I look at my AG satellite I'm sending at least one tunnel trance mix...


latest mix that I d/l and LOVE is Lisa Lashes - Hardhouse Euphoria cd1... (gonna look for cd 2) seems more like hardcore than trance... but I'm really no good at genres blah...

oh and tunnel trance force 7 is prolly my favorite one of that series... and the dj networx vol 8 cd 1 - dj dean - is pretty good tho its the only one I have I think (not as good as the tunnel trance mixes by dj dean... but ugh at the end of that mix there's a track that I can't describe worth shit but I love it and would go completely nuts if I heard it out - fucken cd cuts off like 5 seconds into the track - pisses me off every friggen time... like I should just reburn that cd and cut it off completely and save myself the frustration..

uhm... ya - I'm talkin to myself again...


...more trance please!!
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These are the one I recommend. Nu Skool to old school fav.

DJ Tiesto - Live Club Eau 2 Yr Anniversary

DJ Tiesto - Live from Samfundent

DJ Tiesto - Qcontact and MegaMusicDanceExprince

DJ Tiesto - Magik 1-7

Armin van Buuren - Live from Club Eau

Johan Gelien - Live from TranceEnergy (10-21-2001)*Get the video also from Tranceaddict ... crazy warps lights. Better then laser !!!*

Nyman Essential Mix

Mark EG - Brainstorm


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Just downloaded and I would like to add to the bill ...

DJ Mirco - Live@TechMix Avaland, Boston
*Can't wait until the Nokia Renaissance party to see this guy spin LIVE*


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A newcomer to trance ay? The sets suggested so far are excellent, I might get flammed for this one, but the sets that got me right into trance are Oakie's oldies.

Oakenfold - Essential Mix - Live in Shanghai
Oakenfold - Essential Mix - Live in Havannah
Oakenfold - Global Underground New York

They're old now, but great trance man. Excellent mixing and track selection. Shit has changed tho and the man is lacking but those old sets are incredible.

Oh and....a great prog set is
Max Graham - Live From Tonic pt1 and pt2
That is some serious prog.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by TrAnCeLuSiOnIsT:
best trance comp ever:

armin van buuren - boundaries of imagination

I will still have to agree with this one. I still have yet to hear a mix that even comes close to this one as far as track selection, programming, mixing... this mix honestly tells a story from start to finish. It's brilliant!

I'd also reccommend:
Orkidea - Radio Unity 9
Marco V - Live at Sensation parts 1 & 2
Marco V - Live from Club Eau


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Originally posted by Dr. Grinch
Best set ever = Ferry Corsten Live @ Innercity '99


I must completely agree with you. First live mix, other than house, that I listened to and I still love it. I think I might throw it into the disc man for the cold walk to school in the morning.


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DJ TIESTO Live@Dutch Deminsion SOLO TOUR part 1,2 & 3 *FEB 2/2002*
(Along side Jan Johnson with her LIVE PA)

The set was 7hrs long, but I only got 5 1/2 hrs of it *192kbps*