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Top Canadian Artists Band Together, Oppose Label Tactics


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Canada is known for its frigid climate, though relationships between local artists, labels, and publishers have also become icy. On Wednesday, a group of top Canadian artists, songwriters and producers made a bold statement against major record labels and publishers, part of a growing rift in the region. The new coalition, known as the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, includes heavyweight artists Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, and Sum 41. As part of its announcement, the Coalition railed against file-sharing lawsuits against individuals, as well as the use of copy-protection technologies. The declaration, made in Montreal, was designed to coincide with the World Intellectual Property Day.

The break is a substantial one, and could fundamentally alter the Canadian music business moving forward. "Until now, a group of multinational record labels has done most of the talking about what Canadian artists need out of copyright," a release from the Coalition stated. "Record companies and music publishers are not our enemies, but let’s be clear: lobbyists for major labels are looking out for their shareholders, and seldom speak for Canadian artists." The Coalition characterized lawsuits against individual downloaders as "destructive and hypocritical," criticized the use of DRM as "risky and counterproductive," and encouraged the Canadian government to place greater focus on Canadian artists. The move follows a similar break in the ranks involving major Canadian management firm Nettwerk Music Group, which recently created a high-profile rift with the RIAA.
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This is amazing!

I have been talking to a friend about this for some time. He's a drumer and has had so many problems with the "major" lables. Other people that I know in Canadian music have the same problem.

It's disgraceful that almost every musician has to get down and suck someone off (or it feels that way) to get a break!

That's why we decided to produce a video without the help of any lable.

It's a great statement and it really feels good to work on the project. I don't know what the results are going to be like, but just getting it done will be great.