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Top 5 reasons Porter's proposed 400 metre runway extension will be good for everyone


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After reading Porter's press releases this morning with their bogus reasons for the airport expansion, I have decided to paraphrase a few of them. Add your own if you want

1) Pouring thousands of tons of landfill into the harbour could reduce sediment buildup in the harbour.
2) Extending the runway much farther into the harbor will act as a wave barrier for future condo developments on the island.
3) The Marine Exclusion Zone buoys will look really good in their new positions.
4) Making boaters navigate the extra distance around the extended runway and into the path of the Hanlan's Ferry will make everyone safer.
5) The huge flat concrete surface will reflect more sunlight back into space and reduce global warming.
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I saw him interviewed on CBC Newsworld this evening. I had never really listened to him. And now I REALLY don't like him - total sleazebag.