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Top 5 of 03?


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whats yours?

for my personal fav tracks of 03 are:

5. Junior Jack - e-samba (great floor filler and love the remixes to it)

4. Chable and bonnici - ride (great tune came out later in the year but it will make a house guy take an intrest into prog..killer bassline)

3. HCCR - I go Back (this tune owns...robert OWeNS come on you can't get better then that)

2. Layo & Bushwacka - Deep south (d'julz mix) (great revamp of a a great tune that was released to start the year off right)

1. Room 5(junior Jack) - make Luv (such a great tune that reminds me of so much throughout this year)

now you go sir!
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Except for Ride, my top 5 records this year were all decidely house.

5. Chable & Bonnici - Ride - Alternative Route
The cliche choice of progsters now, but it was a massive record.

4. John Spring - Strange - Sub Static
Best twisted tech-house record in a long time.

3. Alex Dolby - Psycho Garden - Mantra Vibes
Synth washes taken to new levels.

2. Prassay - Krvsin - Faya Combo
That basslines is floor destroying.

1. Moloko - Forever More (Francois K Mix) - Echo
I played this five times on my Proton show throughout the year ... and I never play anything more than once. Killer.


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my picks:

5. Switch - Get Ya Dub On(Jimpster remix) Naked Music

4. Sultan feat.Stephanie Vezina - Nightvisions

3. Holden & Thompson - Nothing - Loaded

2. Infusion vs. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - white

1. Pqm - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable's vocal pass remix) (Shinichi)


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For House...

M-Gee - Bodyswerve
Rasmus Farber - Ever After
Shik Stylko ft. Tyree Cooper - Groove You Out Tonight
Audio Bullys - Turned Around
Negrocan - Cada Vez
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Inland Knights - Hot Soup EP - So Sound
Matthew Dear -Dog Gays EP - Spectral
Various - 4 Corners EP - Icon
Bionic Bump Band - EP1&2 - 20:20 Vision
Desmet&Diesel - Get Up EP - Amenti



Brett Johnson - Temptation & Lies
Jacob London - Regular Absorbancy EP
Wally Callerio - Love Safari LP
PTY Ltd. - Who's Been Watching You
Joshua Collins - Tenderness EP


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In no particular order:

Jason Hodges, FREAKS, ECB, Sneak | F*ck Hodges rmxs | oomph promo
Natural Rhythm | Lovehate | Wash house
Guided Methods | Cool like dub (digable planets) | CD-R (soon on peaches 005)
Jason Hodges | Frontin' rmx | white
Joey Youngman | Psychic friends | nightshift


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Originally posted by coleridge

3. Alex Dolby - Psycho Garden - Mantra Vibes
Synth washes taken to new levels.

I never have liked anything sasha has done but I liked his remix of this tune...

Now matt Go back to the progressive room:p;)

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Bionic Bump Band - EP1&2 - 20:20 Vision

YIH! These EP's fucking ROCK!!!
The new DJ Terry is pretty dope 2- but no where near as good as these ones.

Mr. Dobalina - Mr. D

This is a dope track- but Im not feeling it as a top 5. It mixes really well with the orginal on 33 then at the first break- jump to 45.


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so many records.....

but just off the top of my head.....

Majik Johnson - The Funk - nrk
Layo & Bushwacka - Deep South (D'Julz Remix) - End
DJ Gregory - Elle - Faya Combo
Inland Knights - Hot Soup E.P. - So Sound
?? - Ride the Snake (Majik Johnson Remix) - Shaboom

I'll give honourable mentions to the following:

Little Men - Cover Up - Drop Music
Numatic Soul - Niteflite - Offset Music
Fred Everything - Over You (Monday Vox Mix) - 2020 Vision
Guy Gerber - Let me in (Mike Monday Remix) - Kinky Vinyl

a lot of good tracks this year and as usual I've probably missed quite a few, but these ones most def stood out.