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Top 10 Sci-fi movies never made

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They forgot Neuromancer... might have been good in the right hands, could have easily been crap, but once The Matrix was made (Trinity == Molly w/ removable sunglasses) it was game over. Gibson also penned Yet Another unused Alien 3 script...


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that was a good read.

i wholly agree: aliens on earth properly done would be awesome. might be doable now that cgi has gotten better/cheaper.


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I always secretly hoped for a movie based on Snow Crash. Properly done (probably in two to three parts), that movie would make The Matrix look like Showgirls.

But he makes a good point. No one's going to greenlight a movie like that now.
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I reading some books from Alistair Reynolds and can't help but think stuff like Revelation Space is so visual that it would really translate to film nicely, after a screenwriter shaves half of the redundancy out... from that lengthly book I'm sure a gem could be cut.

Anyway, as for the list I think they totally should have gone over Dune. That movie was originally intended as a trilogy, but they didn't have the money. It had a bloody fine beginning if we ignore some of the music, but then years of history are compressed into a 3 minute montage - surprise, the main character now leads an army and has a wife! Argh. It simply screams "oh shit we better wrap this up"...

Why Neuromancer isn't on the list is another bizarre oddity... it was optioned, several times if I recall right. It was a big deal for people, and Hollywood just sat on it and let its time pass.