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Top 10 of 2003?

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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so, what brokenbeat pieces got the most wear on the decks for yourselves this year?
what are you're favourite releases for 2003?
although I havent put much thought into this list, and I'll probably wanna change it later, here's my picks.

1) Freeland - We Want Your Soul*
2) Phat Conductor - Ice 9
3) Stereo 8 - Can't Stop
4) Aquasky & Blastermaster - Take It to the Floor
5) Kill Bill theme white label breaks remix
6) Electrician - Original Style
7) Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Poxy NoSkool Remix)
8) Boogie Pimps - Salt Shaker
9) Zer0 - Emit/Collect
10) Mogwai - Get On

*although probably not the best track released, after all the hype and how much the crowds love this choon, I can't think of something more worthy
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ten tracks i had trouble getting out of my head, in no particular order:

Adam Freeland and Tom Middleton - Rise Above - Marine Parade (no official press until next year though so maybe it doesn't count)
Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul - Marine Parade
The Fort Knox Five - Dodge City Rockers (All Good Funk Alliance Mix) - Fort Knox
Future Funk Squad - Riffulator - Default
Justice vs. Simian - You'll Never Be Alone - Ed Banger
DJ Shadow - GDMFSOB (UNKLE Remix) - Island
Tipper - Pringle Guts - Trigger
Chemical Brothers - Get Yourself High (Switch Remix) - Virgin
Lola - Morning Light - 3345
Robb G - Who's Laughing - Promo


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In no particular oder
1. Husslers revenge "Magic Carpet ride" Hussle recordings
2. Jacko vs. Lost Vegas "PYT" White
3. ? "Orbootal" ?
4. Zero "Emit/Collect"rnepilgrm Streetwise
5. Aquasky vs. Masterblaster "Take it to the floor" Shadow Cryptic
6. Aquasky vs. Masterblaster " Stay Fresh" Shadow Cryptic
7. Elvis "Rubberneckin" Paul Oakenfold rmx BMG
8. Stereo 8 "Cant stop/flip mode" Finger Lickin
9. ? "Candi Matters" White
10. A.Skills and Krafty Kuts "Check em" Finger Lickin
*So mine's a top 12.......
11. A.Skills and Krafty Kuts "Party in Central Park" Finger Lickin
12. ? "The Way" White **Pure cheese track, but it works.


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My top 10

1. Autobots - Rocky (distortionz remix)
2. Evil Nine - Lovers not Fighters
3. Influenza - Sublunary
4. Unkle - In A State
5. Chris Carter - Botty Funk
6. Sly Fidelity - Skin Bone
7. Shiloh - Swerve (Trail mix)
8. Hybrid - True to form
9. Splitloop - Both Knees
10. Hostile - untitled

docta seuss

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1.unknown - trippin out - white
2.elite force - double black - thrust
3.santos - u make me rock(daluq remix) - mantra
4.lola - morning light - 3345
5.superstyle deluxe - let the drummer(drummatic twins remix) - Muto
6.atomic hooligan/skool of thought - left hand/turn it up - trigger
7.shadow - right thing (Z-trip mix) - Island
8.planet funk - who said(moguai remix) - Illustrious
9.slung groove - Kick flip (Laidback remix) - boombox
10.the fort knox five - dodge city rockers - fort knox
11.force mass motion vs. dylan thymes - funky heroes(krafty's zulu funk mix) - acetate
12.(plump dj's) - donna kabob - black
13.chable & bonnicci - ride - alternative route
14.ghettofunk - push up - white
15.justice vs. simian - never be alone - ed banger**thanks to j-mat
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1. Hedrock Valley Beats - How Do You Feel? (Koma and Bones Remix)
2. Xyzee - Ain't It Funky
3. Unknown - On A Ragga Boot
4. Stereo 8 - Can't Stop
5. Sole Claw - Run2K
6. Punks - Reckless Dub
7. Aquasky vs Masterblaster feat. Ragga Twins - Coffee
8. Unknown - Bucci Blag
9. Robb G - Who's Laughing?
10. Scam - Get Into The Music

It's been a good year!
:D :D


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Aside from all the really good (and really crap) bootlegs, I think that nothing comes close to the impact CANADIAN labels and artists had around the breaks world this year.

My top tune(s) would have to be all the canadian content that rocked those blokes across the pond in the last 12 months.

This was just the start, on to bigger and better things in 2004!



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1 - Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag
2 - Sole Claw - Goth Chick Hand Job
3 - Planet Funk - Who Said
4 - Robb G - Who's Lauging
5 - Krafty Kuts - The Ill Funk
6 - Plump Djs - Funk Hits The Fan
7 - Stir Fry - Lose Control
8 - FreeLand - We Want Your Soul
9 - Stereo 8 - Cant Stop
10 - PFN - Fascination

Big Disappointments: Anything Soul Of Man touched...the last whimpers of Airdog Recordings, the innundation of terrible terrible bootlegs and that lumidee track ( ;) )


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i don't really know the names of too many tracks so....

Freeland - We Want Your Soul
DJ Shadow - GDMFSOB (UNKLE Remix) - Island
planet funk - who said (moguai remix)
ils - music
that missy elliot bootleg, i don't know the name
underworld - cowgirl (atomic hooligan remix)

i'll add to the list as i remember/find out more track names


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Im not huge into breaks, but Donna Kabob by Plump Dj's is pretty much my favorite dance tune of all time...and was released in 2003..so yeah.
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Chicago Kid

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Originally posted by !Myagi!

6 - Plump Djs - Funk Hits The Fan

6 - Plump Djs - Funk Hits The Fan


Mr. Myagi...THANK YOU, I was wondering how long it would take people to put this on their lists. My tune of the year!

Stereo 8 - Can't Stop also kicks some serious tail too!


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Here's mine, in no particular order

KikiILL aka THe Nam Shub of Enki - Tequila!
Electrician - Style's Original EP
Robb G - Who's Laughing Now
Kicks and Rock - Shazit
Myagi - Goth Chick Hand Job 12"
Dave Dub - The Lighter EP
Sixteenarmedjack - Bust Outta Dis
The Bassnectar remix of Crash Berlin, holy F**K what a tune!
Bassnectar - Taurine Thruster
The Kicks mix of Ice-9, MMMMMM
Dave Dub and The Phat Conductor - Cannibal Orgy

Bigup 2 all those pushin beats.


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Here's some records I like by people I know a little less personally.

Price Cuts - That's Right
The Incredibly Funky Breakers - So Sonic 12"
Tipper - Surrounded (wicked album, not breaks, but it blew my mind)
Krafty Kuts + A Skills + Curtis Blow - The Breaks rmx. YUM!
that Flore bootie of pump up the volume was absolutely wicked too...


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Well, I'm sure I forgot something, but here goes:

1. Groove Armada - Super Stylin' (Skool of Thought Bootleg)
2. Crash Berlin - Sisters of Seven (Bassnectar Remix)
3. Distortionz - Pleasure Boat
4. ??? - Horny (bootleg)
5. The Phat Conductor - Ice-9
6. Nu-Breed - Bring That Sound
7. Dave Dub - Dub Down
8. The Electrician - Original Style (Scissorkicks Remix)
9. Dj Quest - Storm
10. Chicken Lips - Reckless Dub

I'll probably wake up in the middle of the night thinking about that awesome track I forgot to list here.


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I also forgot:

The Young Punx - Mash Up Look Sharp
the next few WOMPs are especially killer too, but they aren't out yet :(

Hurry up wes!
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docta seuss

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Originally posted by !Myagi!
Big Disappointments: Anything Soul Of Man touched...

i have to say, i was rather fond of a couple soul of man tracks this year. i think people expected to be absolutely blown away by the new shite, thus were maybe a tad disappointed when it was just really good. personally, i was very excited about, 'the drum'--wicked choon!!!!, and one of the tracks on the back2back ep was pretty nice n' dark n' funky as well methinks.

..and the one track which most people liked, the rerub of the dub pistols' problem is, i wasn't impressed by at all. ..but perhaps i'm just odd..

Originally posted by !Myagi!

Big Disappointments: the innundation of terrible terrible bootlegs and that lumidee track



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Was No Replica 2003 or 2002?

I also really liked Phrenetic - Fatal and Elementalelectrofunk by Andy Page George Clinton and Paul Deuterman.


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I agree with Meeyag's - SOM blew this year. Lets just hope thats because he was so caught up with other Finger Lickin releases.


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D-Monic's Top 30 for 2003

1 - We Want Your Soul - Freeland - Marine Parade
2 - Superstylin (Skool Of Thought Boot) - Groove Armada - White
3 - Rolling Thunder - McMillan & Tab - Inflight Entertainment
4 - Ill Funk Slammer - Krafty Kuts - CD-R
5 - In Da Club - X-Men - White
6 - Take It To The Floor - Aquasky vs Masterblaster - Shadow Cryptic
7 - Blackout - JDS - TCR
8 - Both Knees - Splitloop - Music Downstairs
9 - Floating (Robb G Remix) - Darren Klementti - Promo Records
10 - Emit (Rennie Pilgrem Mix) - Zero - Streetwise
11 - Musika - Dylan Rhymes - Whole 9 Yards
12 - Everybody Come On (Stanton Warriors Mix) - Mr. Reds & DJ Skribble - FFRR
13 - London Voodoo - Rennie Pilgrem - Perfecto Breaks
14 - Satisfaction (Hacker Breaks Boot) - Benny Bennassi - White
15 - Bucci Blag - Unknown - White
16 - Cowgirl (Atomic Hooligan Mix) - Underworld - White
17 - Get On (Hyper Remix) - Moguai - Hope Recordings
18 - Sublunary - Influenza - Pure Phunk Recordings
19 - Black Satsuma - Koma & Bones - TCR
20 - Dollar (Westerner Boot) - General Midi - White
21 - Goth Chick Hand Job (Skool Of Thought Mix) - Sole Claw - Pure Phunk Recordings
22 - Dirty Sticky Floors (Silencer Mix) - Dave Gahan - Mute
23 - Elementalectrofunk - Andy Page/Marscruiser/George Clinton - BTR
24 - The Uplink - Breakneck - TCR
25 - Herbgrinder (Drumattic Twins Mix) - Z2 Vs. Brothers Bud - Finger Lickin
26 - Wind It Up (Mulder Remix) - October - Dangerous Drums
27 - Rythm Bandits (Santos Remix) - Junior Senior - Crunchy Frog
28 - All In Check (Atomic Hooligan Mix) - Aquasky vs Masterblaster - Bothit & Scarper
29 - Coffee (Instrumental) - Aquasky vs Masterblaster - Shadow Cryptic
30 - 4x4x4 (Drumattic Twins Mix) - Deekline & Wizard Feat. David Elliott - Botchit & Scarper


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Ok, I guess I will follow ^^^^ the great one;)

1. GDMFSOB - Dj Shadow(unkle remix)
2. Ils - Music (Evil Nine remix)
3. Get:On-Moguai
4. Cowgirl - Underworld (atomic hooligan remix)
5. Emit - Zero(rennie pilgrem rmx)
6. Rise Above - Freeland/Wink/Middleton
7. Bleeps and Squeeks - Plump Djs
8. Horny - Bootleg
9. Bucci Blagg - Bootleg
10. Who's Laughing - Robb G

Top 3 for 2004
1. Riffilator - FFS
2. Pressure - Plump Djs
3. Womp #2 :D
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Angus Robinson

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Here's my top 20 of 2003 (going backwards from the rest of you...). I will be broadcasting this mix on futurized radio tomorrow (Jan 5).

20. Rhino Drum “Suipacha220” (Choo Choo Ltd)
19. Plump DJs “The Funk Hits the Fan” (Finger Lickin)
18. Vlad Ardisson “Split Screen” (Londonbreakz)
17. Tayo meets Acid Rockers uptown “Prophet Dub” (Skint)
16. JDS “The Chant” (Rocksteady)
15. The Crystal Method “Starting Over (Elite Force remix)” (V2)
14. Maccaba Hi-Fi “Kind of Magic (Circuit Breaker vs Tosh remix)” (ViperJive)
13. Forme “Percussive Thinking (Meat Katie & Elite Force remix)” (Marine Parade)
12. Andy Page & Marscruiser feat. George Clinton “Elementalectrofunk” (BTR)
11. Robbie Rivera “Funkatron (Santos & PeeDoo Shakeadelic Re-edit)” (Direction)
10. Boogie Pimps “Somebody to Love (Christian J remix)” (Data)
9. Stereo 8 “Flipmode” (Finger Lickin)
8. Moguai “Get On (Hyper remix)” (Hope)
7. Care in the Community “My Loose Tooth” (Mob)
6. BLIM “Dust” (TCR)
5. Underworld “Cowgirl (Atomic Hooligan remix)” (White Label)
4. Slyde “Krunk” (Finger Lickin)
3. Planet Funk “Who Said (Moguai remix)” (Illustrious)
2. BLIM & Rennie Pilgrem feat. MC Chickaboo “2 Freaks” (TCR)
1. Aquasky vs Masterblaster “Stayfresh” (Shadow Cryptic)


[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I've decided I chose the Kill Bill remix in haste of being my track of the moment.
Im gonna replace that with Aquasky & Blastermaster featuring Ragga Twins' Coffee.

The Electrician

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damn maye I should buy all the records I have on hold at Release so I can choose my top 20 of 2003... there are some in there for sure...

No worries Angus... I will buy them all...