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top 10 + free CD giveaway + sunday rollout sun jan 30

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by Chase, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. Chase

    Chase TRIBE Promoter

    a few things:

    first of all, here's the top 10 (or so) tunes in the crate:

    big boss - zero tolerance - commercial suicide
    mirror/lateral pressure - pieter k - bbs
    ? - future prophecies - cert 18 #1859
    revelation - teebee - cert 18
    resistance - razor - defunked
    better place - intalex - reinforced
    ? - espionage - reinforced 167
    loco dub - juju - phuturo 2
    queen of angels - abstract - phuturo 3
    mind tricks - double zero - illogic & raf
    soul food - sonic & silver - science fiction #1
    ? - sonic & silver - science fiction #2
    splendor - klute - metalheadz
    badman - simon bassline smith - technique
    ? (the vocal side) - red army? - skunkrock 11

    if you like the looks and sounds of that .. well, keep reading. i'm giving away free cds with these great tracks + more. to get a free CD, come on down to our OPENING NIGHT @ the up & down this sunday, dec 30. just ask me for a CD and i'll be happy to oblige .. look for the big afro and you've found me.

    so what's this sunday night thing? well some of you will no doubt remember the great years of sunday dnb at the up & down .. well now we're starting up the sunday dnb again at this great venue... playing jungle/dnb with substance and soul and whatever else we're feeling.

    the sunday rollout
    every sunday
    opening night: dec 30 2001

    with djs:
    medicine muffin (balance, ckln 88.1 fm rinseout show). no further introduction needed ... we're talking about a toronto originator for real.

    chase (tempaural, vital): do you like it deep and funky?

    + guests

    up & down the funky pub
    270 adelaide west (@ john)

    no cover


    p.s. if you can't make it this sunday but want a free CD ... come down another sunday and i might have some left ... or you can come down to the blue moon (725 queen e) any wednesday (for a tempaural AURAL PRESSURE session) and see if i have any left.
  2. Chase

    Chase TRIBE Promoter

    dammit .. obviously it's not jan 30 ... it's dec 30 .. that's right, this sunday, the eve of new years eve, sunday dec 30.

  3. Tricky kid

    Tricky kid TRIBE Member

    i will be there
    may i ask who the guests are

  4. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    yey Ryan!! I hope I can make it out!!!
  5. Nebu kad

    Nebu kad TRIBE Member

  6. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    nice to see more d&b nights in intimate settings popping up.... i'll make it if i can
  7. Chase

    Chase TRIBE Promoter

    hey thanks for the support people [​IMG] ... regarding the guests, for the first week it's going to be the residents ... which means myself (Chase) and Medicine Muffin ... we've got a few of our locals in mind for guests that we know you'll want to see ... and people that we feel can really play the kind of style we are looking for ... stay tuned in the next few weeks for details once our guest dj list is 100% finalized.


    p.s. did i mention that there is no cover? [​IMG]
  8. Tricky kid

    Tricky kid TRIBE Member


    why i liked this night

    Sweet venue, nice tunes and guiness on tap
    thanks for the cd

  9. Chase

    Chase TRIBE Promoter

    good to hear you enjoyed yourself ... i had a good time too, i'm definitely looking forward to this sunday night thing. hope you enjoy the cd ... i ran out so for anyone that i didn't have a cd for (elenor? that can't be spelt right) i've got more copies now so if you come by the blue moon on wednesday or up & down on sunday i'll have them with me.

  10. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    Ryan, I e-mailed you a couple of days ago at chasethedj@home.com...but never got a response.
    Is that e-mail active?
  11. Chase

    Chase TRIBE Promoter

    hey dave .. my @ home accounts are kind of fucked up right now and i've been boycotting them for the past little while ... i'll check it when i get home and see if they've finally done the server switch... so check yer email later tonight [​IMG]

  12. Chase

    Chase TRIBE Promoter

    we're back at the up & down this sunday (jan 6) and every sunday afterwards ... Medicine Muffin and myself (Chase) will be providing the beats ... and i've got more free cds for those that didn't get any last week.


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