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tool fans


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im dont like them that much...but i love their videos.

thought you'd like to see the new one, in case you havent.

tricky's in it apparently




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Aw, I thought this was a thread about some new clip-on underwear innovation for those hot, sweaty summer nights.


"Hello, patent office?"


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Saw their concert at the ACC last fall. The absolute best show I have ever seen. These are some talented, although slightly fucked up guys.
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I think I will never forget when they played Lollapalooza (92) on the small stage after releasing Opiate... it was a brilliant show started by maynard setting the tone... he came out on stage with a chainsaw (beats Joey's idea of tools), turned it on and was jugling it for some time... then I picked up my jaw from the ground and moshed like there was no tomorow.... aaaaah memories... tool, outstanding musicians, dark atmosphere, the best modern day drummer (hands down). Brilliant.


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blargh....that takes wayyyy to long to download....
but yes, tool does have the best videos....and damn good music..


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Originally posted by gasper

That was Lolla' 93

memorable show, no doubt!!!
Thanx man - I wasnt sure if it was 92 or 93. Both of them were top of the best outdoor concerts for me.


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Originally posted by MKMIRAGE

Thanx man - I wasnt sure if it was 92 or 93. Both of them were top of the best outdoor concerts for me.
93 was particularly memorable.....there was a tornado touchdown the night before....we barely made it to the Constellation motel that night.

the pit for tool was a tornado also.

92 was the year of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc
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The year of Ministry, Peppers, Jesus and Mary Chain... and Lush openned the main stage I think... Peppers stage show seems expecially vibrant in my memory with everythng in black and white checkers... and then there was the darkness of Ministry.

And Pearl Jam pit was insane as well - I got pulled off three times by the stage securitate while diving and being thrown at them... memories... :)