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Tool Concert


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I thought it was pretty good, considering I haven't seen them in 4 or 5 years. The setlist was kind of a "greatest hits" package as they played pretty much everything you would expect (Sober, Stinkfist, 46 & 2, Vicarious, Aenema). The new songs sounded good (they also played Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned, Right in Two and Jambi from the new album). I really really wanted to hear Wings For Marie & 10,000 days, and they did play one note of the intro to tease us before going into Schism (which had a speed metal breakdown instead of the trippy slow part). They fucked up big time on Lateralus as Danny Carey went into the crazy drum part instead of stopping and going into the breakdown. You could see him realize what he did about 15 seconds into it, and gracefully slow down and bring it back into the proper part. That was pretty interesting seeing that, but I don't think the majority of people really noticed. The projections on the screens behind them were pretty weak considering what I saw on the Lateralus tour, but I'm sure their "real" tour crew is hard at work creating the "real" tour that is happening later this year. All in all, it sounded pretty good, and it was great to hear some new songs live in that venue. The show was definitely a stripped down version of things to come. Do I regret paying $250 for a ticket off of ebay? Well, I am a huge Tool fan, so not necessarily. However, they were selling 'Standing Room' tickets at the door at face value to some lucky fans, so that was kind of good. Overall, there just seemed to be something missing from making it a truly great concert. Probably the poshiness of the venue, the lack of proper projections and backdrops, and the lack of any truly special song in the setlist. (I would be happy to never hear Sober live again). I can't wait to see them this fall when they come back and do it right.


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mitsuko souma said:
Yep. I don't know how many they released, but I ran into some people that lucked out this way. Maybe they'll do that for Radiohead as well? On top of that, the people who had the seats next to me never showed. So I guess I got 2 extra seats with my ticket. Too bad someone else couldn't enjoy the show considering how fast it sold out.
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and me...

Does anyone have any ideas on where they will be stopping around here? I heard possibly the JLC in London?

I've seen them @ the Warehouse in TO and Copps in Hamilton, what other venues have they played around here?