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Too much SNOW + not enough traction =


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I was on my way to work this morning, going down Britania ibetween Appleby and Tremaine, and I came up to an s bend. I was going about 50km. I tried to turn but kept going straight...............right in to an F'n huge snow bank. It cost 80$ to get winched out. At least there were no trees.

Anyone esle have a fun drive to work?



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Hi i'm God

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I saw someone slide into a wall of snow 5 cars behind me thismorning... We were all going about 35-40 and we're braking and I guess the guy wanst paying attention slamed on his breaks and it one of those hugh snow banks and put his trucks nose in the air :p
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The Watcher

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Saw this idiot in a BMW M5 with the 35 series tires on 18 inch SUPER WIDE rims REAR WHEEL DRIVE.

STUCK in the middle of the intersection at Bloor and The East Mall.

Couldn't move...

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if only those cars where you would press the button, and all these lion claws would pop out of the tires were real.
they made toys of them.


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i don't have the option to lose control and go into a snowbank, ha..
my car is still dead cuz of the cold so i am stuck waiting outside in this weather for 10 minutes for the train and then walking 20 blocks to my office once i get downtown...

brrrrr.....i want my car back...



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uuuugh!!!!! 5 hours to get to work...it usually takes 40 minutes....

it took me 4 hours just to get from the corner fo parliament and wellesley to the 401.....:mad: :mad:
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