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that 420 guy

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how many different schools did you go to?

what was the shortest time you attended one school for?

what was the longest time you attended one school for? how many friends from that school (the longest), do you still have in your life today?

did you ever attend saturday school? (i.e. chinese school, hebrew school, italian school). what did you learn in saturday school?

i've attended 5 different schools in my life (nursery school, reesor park public school, william berczy public school, marham district high school, the university of western ontario).

the shortest time i was at a school was 4 years (reesor park public).

the longest time i was at a school was 5 years (markham district high school).

my closest friends today are the ones i attended highschool with. my business partner and i have been friends with since grade 3.

i never attended saturday school. i attended sunday school, if that counts. i learned about jesus.

- that markhamite guy :cool:
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Jasper Elementary School- Grades 1-6
Jasper Jr./Sr. High School- Grades 7-12
University of Calgary- 2 years
University of Toronto- 2 years

Went to speech therapy until Grade 4 and I had catachism(sp) until grade 8, god I hated that.

I have many friends that I went through my entire school career with until Uni. And I have some good friends from Uni too.


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4 school

3 years was the shortest at Highview elementary

6 1/2 years and counting at MAC (2 degrees)

i still have the most friends from Mac but then again i am still here

yes i went to croatian school sat mornings. ( i used to hate it cuz i woud miss saved by the bell)
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in grade one alone i was in 5 -6 different schools...damn my nomad parents....and the zoning laws for attendance to different schools.

10 schools in total over 12 years.

1 school for Commercial Design over a 2 year period.

EDIT>just sunday school on the weekends.
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Booty Bits

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i went to nursery school for a year,
parkwood hills public school from SK-grade 6
sir winston churchill junior high for grades 7-8
talmud torah hebrew afternoon and sunday school for SK-6
j.s. woodsworth high school for grades 9-12
akiva hebrew evening high school for grades 7-10
university of western ontario for 1st-4th year

i am totally boring!

one of my best friends is the girl i walked to kindergarten with every day. so yes, i still have friends from grade school :)
i am still close with a small handful of friends from grade/highschool, and a larger bunch from university but most of my nearest and dearest are people i met outside of school and in toronto.


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2 nursery - st. somethingerother/fairlawn
1 elementary - john wanless ps
1 jr high - glenview
2 high school (3 buildings) northern, city (keele), city (queens quay)
1 night school - calc (ew)
0 post-secondary ..er yet i hope :(
7 schools total

i spent 8 years at john wanless ps (jk-gr6) - i have 1 close friend, i occassionally see the others


Evil Dynovac

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Kingslake Public School - Kindergarten to Grade 6
Woodbine Junior High School - Grade 7 to Grade 9
George Vanier High School - Grade 10 to Grade 12
Lawerence Park Collegate - Grade 13
Humber College - Two Year Diploma Course

Lawerence Park was a preppy-hippie school. I hated it.
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Booty Bits

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oops! i forgot i did night school for one year in high school. it was so ridiculous. i was taking english literature (cuz my high school didn't offer it) and my teacher had dyslexia.
if you can't see the irony in that...


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High Park Montessori School - primary - grade 6
Swansea Public School - grade 7
St. Clements School - grade 8 and 9
Humberside Collegiate Institute - grades 10-13
University of Western Ontario - 4 years

5 schools.

shortest = 1 year (Swansea)
longest = 9 years (HPMS)

my closest friends are people i didn't go to school with and from university.


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1. preschool : little mountain. my brother managed to get his head stuck in some grate and then smeared butter on his head and called firemen and whatnot to get him out. I recall having peed in my snowpants one time before being able to make it in. then getting a pair of loaner jeans. I wore cordouroy overalls sometimes.

2. grade school : elizabeth ziegler public school + hl mcquarrie enrichment school. *

EZ was interesting, it's one of the older schools in this area, built in 1925 or something. They don't build them like that anymore, multiple floors and whatnot. I remember going back a couple years back to just see what it's l ike, and the halls aren't quite as cavernous as I remember them being.

3. middle school : centennial public school

4. high school : waterloo collegiate institute. strong academic reputation, interesting mix of people (streamed from relatively blue collar and relatively white collar areas of the region...a contrast I don't think a lot of people get in metropolitan areas, where people seem to be from the same socioeconomic background).

5. university : university of waterloo. proud to be a warrior.

for a while was in the bengali school my mom had started up on saturdays/sundays ...can speak bengali no problem but can't really read it

I don't really keep in touch with friends from grade school, because I skipped a grade and ended up going in middle school before them. As well, the grade school we were at had kids from two distinct geographical areas, who were shunted into different middle schools and then high schools.

I keep in touch with some friends from high school, but for the most we've gone in different directions.

Like Liz I'd say my closest friends are ones I made outside the context of school. I am however envious of places like Western or Laurier where it seems more like the prototypical college social environment. High school was like that for me. Waterloo being a co-op school, there is a tendency for disconnection between peeps.

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Blessed Child Nursery - Quezon City, Philippines
Fang Cao Di Elementary - Beijing, China
St. Theresa's College - Quezon City, Philippines
St. Paul Secondary - Mississauga
St. Ignatius of Loyola - Oakville
UWO - London, ON

The Kid

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Pebble Hill Elementry (Vancouver, BC) - Up to grade 2?
Bayview Glen - Grades 3-10
Robert Land Academy - 11-OAC
Queen's - 1 year

RLA was three years of hell... one of the happiest days of my life was driving down that dirt road knowing I never had to go back there again.

Queen's was fun but I wasn't really in the right headspace to be at University at that point, especially after spending the preceeding three years at a shitty all boys military school.

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Preskool - Grade 3 - St. Martin De Porres (sp?)
Grade 4 - Grade 8 - St. Maria Goretti (sp?) LOL
Grade 9-10 - Jean Vanier
Grade 11-OAC Clarke High School
4 Years @ Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus

I have a few friends from SMG still that are my best of friends.
Stir-fry being one of them...
And a few friends are very close with me are from Clarke, but a lot them live in different places, some out of the country.
Same with some college friends, moved away for business, etc..

pr0nstar :D


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Cottingham Public Elementary - JK to Grade 3
St. George's College - Grade 4 to Grade 6
University of Toronto School - F1 to F2 (grade 7, 8 and 9)
Jarvis Collegiate - Grade 10 and 11
Harbord Collegiate - Grade 12 night school
City Alternative School - Grade 12 and OAC
Seneca College - Television Production 2 year diploma
Skool of Hard Knocks Yo!

That's a lotta schoolin!
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some skewl in kindersley ... kindergarten
shaunavon public school, kd- grd 3
regina, st. bernadette ... grades 3-8
swift current comprehensive high school, grades 9-12
u of regina, 1 yr
u of waterloo, 5 yrs

6 schools ... hmm ... felt like more than that ... my pops was a cop so we moved quite a bit ...


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Market Lane public School JK-6
Spectrum Alternative 7-8

Central Tech
Central Commerce
Danforth Tech

all grade nine - 12
With three stints at Eastdale.

I was poor and couldn't afford to even think about University
however I'm now in the woodsworth college program and working hard to get myself into and through Univeristy debt free.
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WOW this should be fun to think off

attended 6 schools growing up in kingston ON

Every 2 years almost i switched schools , parents were in real estate constantly moving .
I attended one school for 4 years and maybe still know one frie4nd from there that i still chat with .
Toronto has sort of made em think how boring ktown was and how i will never go back until i retire .


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7 total

1 semester

7 school years

no saturday/sunday schools

JK - dont remember the name - now its a condo complex in waterloo

k-6 St.Agnes - Waterloo

7-8 Holy Rosary - Waterloo

9-10 St.David CSS- Waterloo

11-13 Bluevale C.I - Waterloo

13 - Middlefield - Markham

University of Windsor


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Kindergarten - Grade 8: L'école St. Margaret, Moose Jaw, Sask.
Grade 9 - 12 : Vanier Collegiate, Moose Jaw, Sask.
First year uni - now : Glenn Gould School of Music, Toronto.

ooh so exciting.

I talk to a handful of people from my highschool still, and maybe one or two people from elementary school. I moved far away and as a result lost contact with a lot of people.


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4-5 years at various daycares mostly in the Leaside area.
7 years at Presteign Heights elementry school
2 years at Gordon A. Brown Middle School
5 years at East York Collegiate
1 term at Ryerson
4 years at Univeristy of Western Ontario

Those I went to university with are the ones I still keep in contact with most, although there are a couple of high school friends I'd like to see more often.
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