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Too Busy Here

Discussion in 'Saskatoon' started by JEMZ, Oct 4, 2000.

  1. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    Wow, this place is crazy.
  2. soulmantra

    soulmantra TRIBE Member

    well it's sort of slow because of a few things...

    1 - we don't have electricity in saskatchewan so people have to construct things like bicycles to pedal that will create electricity while they try to use things like computers or the internet.

    2 - just like everywhere else people are reluctant to go outside of the own domain or comfort zone when not everything really applies to them directly. it's not as if we see to many toronto/area people on our boards either you know.

    but i'm just a huge nerd cause i spend time on the following boards...

    1 - tribe board
    2 - flatland fiends board - http://pub18.ezboard.com/bsoulmantra
    3 - etown board - http://www.ualberta.ca/~rtupas/warning.html
    4 - cowtown board - http://www.coolboard.com/boardshow.cfm?mb=433266295712583&mc=SW88B1
    5 - seattle board - http://www.pulpfiction.com/rave/groovinkim/tc/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro

    and a few others.

    sad but true...
  3. Jetsfan

    Jetsfan TRIBE Member

    If you post in the Winnipeg forum i'll start posting in here [​IMG]Meybe then we can get some traffic going threw these forums.

  4. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    it's so true.... Saskatchewan needs to build a scene.... I am from Moose Jaw and moved out to TO last year for University, and lemme tell ya how hard it was to go back to Moose Jaw to work. I was so bored because there are very few parties, or party related events. Most music is alternative or heavy or punk, not that I have a problem with that but I was going through some serious trance, breaks and jungle withdrawals....

    soon enuff our time will come.
  5. soulmantra

    soulmantra TRIBE Member

    what do you mean saskatchewan needs to build a scene?

    the foundations were formed long long LONG ago and it is only within the last year or so that (in my opinion) people with the wrong intentions have been ruining things for all of us.

    if you know which parties to go to and who to watch out for then we are not behind anybody. the only lagging thing in our scene is the frequency of top quality events. but that is to be expected with such a small population base.

    to be honest with you i don't want to go out every night so i still really like it here.

    and trust me there is a scene thriving out there... it's just not in full view. basements and make shift soundsystems have been serving us all for quite some time. plus that's probably where you'll hear some of the best music too.

    nice to see some chatter in here...
  6. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

  7. soulmantra

    soulmantra TRIBE Member

    exactly jemz... incidently i've been reading and respecting your posts since the old school board days. thanks for the input.

    but the sad thing is that the people who are ruining things are too clueless to realize it. and when anybody tries to point out how they are failing all of us they usually just can't see it because they don't know what it is really about.

    and the worst is the people who know they shouldn't support certain promoters but do anyways... because there isn't much else going on. i dont' know when people from everywhere will begin to realize that supporting the bad crews only serves to close the doors on the good crews. as much as it sometimes seems like there will be nothing going on if the sketchy promoters don't have support. that is not true. not supporting what we don't believe in can only help those we do believe in to be given an opportunity. an opportunity for us to support them.

    but anyways...
  8. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    Thanks for the compliment, it is really appreciated. A lot of people who write on this board never seem to want to talk about serious issues, and I respect that. But the fact of the matter is that this is a board with ravers in mind, so as a "raver" I try to have fun, but also try to discuss issues which relate to me as a raver. This one never seems to cease and i never seem to get any closure, because it angers me so much. I hate the fact that I got to be there during the times when 95% of the people at a party cared about the music, the environment and all those things pertainant to others having as good a time as themselves. And even though it is not malicious, so many people who party now do not give a shit about you or I. This is because nobody ever welcomed them properly, they just popped them a pill and sent them on their merry way. So our only option right now is to go to less commercial events, by companies we know are trying to do a good thing for the right reasons.
    Sad but True
    Jamie [​IMG]

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