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* too all my friends..... *


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65 minutes of live, on the fly fucking around.

Greg Gow - promo - Restructured Recordings
Shapes n Form's - promo - Restructured
Johannes Heil - calling ep - Kanzleramt
Mateo Murphy - switch - Zen
Greg Gow - invasion - Zen
Dj Preach - promo - Default
Voco Derman - promo - Restructured Recordings
Joel Mull - Eroticon 6 - Inside
Man Train (carola) - meteor - Design
Ignatio (Rachmad) - Virton - MusicMan
Richie Hawtin - M_nus Orange - M_nus
Joey Beltram - slice - Bush
Christian Varela - ?? - whitelabel
Christian Varela - soulfades - Primate
Christian Varela - mental noise - Session
Marco Bailey - red light district - Primate
Joel Mull - manipulated remix - Primate
Heiko Laux - falling - Uturn
Reinhard Voigt - heir und jetzt - Kompakt

*exclusive mix i have done, put up for YOU know who YOU are

if anyone else wants a copy i would glady burn it.... it runs 65 minutes and its more on the deep tip for me...

enjoy boi's



(great night i had with yah's!)


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oh yeah, this mix was done early January.

i'm gonna see if i can get it up on a server on realmedia or mp3 format....



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Nice cd, Tekkid

I likes the track selection, and your mixing is on par.

I'll have one back at ya soon enough.


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^^^ of course you can!!!

and might i ask where the FUCK you were for your drink?????

Jen?? if you email me your addy..i will mail you a copy..actually like operation drumcode i will send whoever wants one!

tEkKiD free for all y'all!!! !

hopefully i will have this mix online soon though!!

anyone with webspace?


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hey doug,
if you got the time, throw me a copy
i think you still have my address
if not just email me
thanks bud


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sorry !!!!

phewwwwww..... what a mission to get back on Tribe!!!

i have changed my email addy James in my profile

but here it is anyhow 2tekkid@rogers.com , if you wanna send me your address (you to Ladd) i seemed to delete yours... i will gladly get yah's a copy :)


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thank yah's !!

seeker : thank you :) ( you want the times of when each track comes in?? )

Ritika : hey you , i may be venturing up to London mid - march , ill bring you a cd :) but if you have space to download it, its on "the watchers -tribe mp3 share- under my folder) -->


this goes for anyone :)

and courtesy of Erk it will be in realplayer format in the coming weeks on his show "focus" www.beats.to :D once again thank you Eric !!

Jenn (techno-princess) - ahhhhh yeah you can be my groupie...your a fricken princess girl !! *dayuuuuuuum* ;) thanks for the props!! - hope to see you again soooooooon !!

as for James and Ladd, sorry its been a crazy last couple of weeks, if you have a burner you can grab it if not i will eventually have a copy mailed to yahs :)

take it eaze,



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Re: thank yah's !!

Originally posted by tEkKiD
seeker : thank you :) ( you want the times of when each track comes in?? )
you're welcome. :)
yeah, the times that tracks come in is what i was looking for. i'm training to be a trainspotter! :p
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I finally had a chance to download and listen to this mix. Aside from pointing out the obvious technical accuracy of your mixes, for having just "fucked around" you've got a great talent for programming and pacing your sets! :)

In fact, it's these skills that sometimes make me question my own abilities as a DJ, and my future as one (even though I've been doing it for less than a year). ;)
Hehehe, seriously though, great mix man!