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Tony Rohr - Baile Conmigo


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Okay, my last resort. Searched all over, backordered for weeks, no news. Anyone willing to let this go?
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Thanks task. I have already emailed them. Seems like it has to be a minimum order of US$40. I only need a copy so not sure how this is going to go through.
Anyhow, hoping anyone here is willing to let go a copy....


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i may also have a couple of records i need to order from them, so as long as you are willing to split the shipping/duty, we can drop an order together...
pm me after a week if you are still looking..
good luck.


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Bahhhhhh... Out of print. They emailed me back and told me that there will be a re-release with original & new remixes in Feb. I hope it happens, but I still want the orig release. Damn.
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