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>> TONIGHT @ the ROM


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Techno music--the pounding beat of underground dance clubs--shares many similarities with contemporary classical music. Explore noisy artistic movements, both popular and academic, and their quieter minimalist descendants in painting, sculpture, music and literature, from Dada and Futurism to raves and ecstasy. Russell Smith is a novelist and journalist with an interest in underground youth culture. He writes the weekly "Virtual Culture" column in the Globe and Mail.

Members $20 / general public $25

Tonight - 7:00 to 9:00 PM



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on a side note...i work with Russell Smiths mother and we were just discussing this topic here at work.



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hmm...i didn't really envision this being a roll call thread, since probably only madnezz and I are going - its more of a general information thread in my mind *shrug*
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