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Tong & Kleinenberg

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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Yup that mix was pretty pathetic.

But it goes to show you that people don't even notice most of the time by the reaction of the crowd.


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Tong's mixing has never been his strong point. It's more about the tunes he gets.

I just figured people might be interested in this.

Special K

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Sander is @ BOA on Easter Thursday with Hector Romero...woooohooooo...f guv lol...

boa with sander and hector romero > guv with a bazillion other djs


hopefully this will make up for sander @ space on sunday...i felt so cheated


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The first track he played is the new Beatfreak I think that is coming out this week. the onlt problem is the guy has no programing skills.


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i saw tong follow doc martin at space in ibiza. the doc killed it and had the crowd going off... then, about ten minutes into tong's set, we had no choice but to leave. his mixing was pathetic, and his track selection was even worse. he's a radio dj. period.
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Both sets up at domikado.com for download plus a bunch of other WMC sets.

check the forum section...
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seeker, my tong comments werent directed at the posting of the set, I definately appreciate the info.

The sander 1/2 of the set is the only thing that makes this worth listening too however. =)
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Originally posted by SKIB
poor mixing or not... that's a bad ass tune tong starts his set off with... anyone know it?

Its the WMC he has to play choice dance cuts...however, I have seen him before and he has a tendency of starting off strong with good openers and good stuff and then it sort of goes down from there.