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Tomorrow: High of -15

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Hawk Eye

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It was -23 today here in Peterborough.
freaking cold
It's not even windy
It's so cold it hurts like hell

My roommate is lucky, she's going to the Dominican on Sunday!!
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When I was in Alberta it was this cold and I complained a lot, now that it is here I am acclimatized and don't find it that bad. I biked to school today.
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i have not left my house once today except to get my mail, my hair was a bit wet from the shower i was outside for 10sec came back in my hair was stiff 10sec people!!
I have all my all my curtians down on my windows i have only looked outside once today... more of this shit ahead.... i might just go crazy

why do we live here!?!! who did this, this is not humane..


Dirty Girl

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I seriously cant take this shit, i went to go to the bank machine and had to stand inside for 10 mins till I could feel my fingers again, just so i could get the card out my wallet.
This weather can seriously piss the fuck off, i cant handle it.
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I bought some gloves today.

I shall no longer freeze :D

New jacket, new gloves, and a trusty old touque = Key to winter warmth


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fuck it, i'm taking a cab to work tomorrow (have to go before the subways start).

and i'm sorry, but this is just as cold, if not colder, than winnipeg in winter.
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It really enhances being inside.

And if you bundle up warmly and throw on some good tunes in the old discman, it's kindof nice to be out.


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man you guys should try living in winnipeg.... earlier this week we were lucky if the day time high was -30... i think it actually got too -29.6 :p

and thats in the middle of the day...

i member a time in '96 in Jan where we had a 20 somthing day spell where it didnt get above -30, and at night it was below -40... they had to close 3 bridges in the city as the expansion / contraction gaps has contracted to a point where it was no longer safe driving..

(page 3, http://www.umanitoba.ca/faculties/science/delta_marsh/reports/1996/data.pdf)

you lucky, we get the same weather you do, just a little llonger, a couple of days earlier, and a whole lot colder...


... damn, i gotta get outta this place ....
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