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TomKat to SPLIT! OMGWTFBBQ! Surprise Level = Zero


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Save your 'who cares' comments for another thread - this thread is for teh celebrity gossip lovers! :)


This should surprise no one. Love how they posted it on Valentine's Day.

"WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes its over!

Life & Style has learned exclusively that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed to call off their wedding and, ultimately, to split.

Multiple insiders confirmed the story to Life & Style, with one longtime friend of Toms saying: Their relationship is basically over. Another friend adds: They both agreed that the marriage wouldnt work and they wanted to end it before they learned to hate each other.

The insiders say that Tom, 43, and Katie, 27, plan to keep up the charade of a romance until after their babys birth this spring. In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home though sleeping in separate bedrooms through the summer. Then, presumably, theyll announce a separation but Tom plans to buy Katie a home nearby so he can visit his child whenever he wishes.

Theyll share custody, says the friend, who claims the couple are drawing up a legal document to provide for Katies and the babys financial well-being for life. Tom will set up Katie and the baby, adds the pal.

Posted 3:08 p.m., Feb. 14"
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Originally posted by defazman
so this is a third party report that they'll probably break up later?

yes, your point being? I'm not even certain they actually got married or even know eachother. I think they just appear in public together. She's his beard, remember? As to the unborn child, we'll just have to see. If it's cross-eyed and dyslexic we'll know it's Tom's. But I have to think it's actually this guy's baby:


See, he's been in pictures with her, too.


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haha I called it in the other celebrity gossip thread.

anyways here is an update from one of those celebrity sites:

Despite a report that engaged couple Tom Cruise and seven-months-pregnant Katie Holmes have split, his rep, Paul Bloch exclusively tells Star, "This is totally and 100 percent untrue." Plus, a Holmes family friend in Toledo, Ohio, tells Star, that there is no "buzz" whatsoever in Toledo, Katie's hometown, about a split.


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I'm not far from Toledo, I'll go see what I can find.

So far all I heard is that someone close to the couple said that they're having tacos for lunch, so it must be true.


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Originally posted by defazman
I'm not far from Toledo, I'll go see what I can find.

So far all I heard is that someone close to the couple said that they're having tacos for lunch, so it must be true.

Actually, they've decided against tacos, but will be wearing sombreros until they inform the press in order to keep up appearances.
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Apparently Tom Cruise emailed Fark when they broke the story:

Bang! Fark.com's Drew Curtis was in the line of fire and he got peppered pretty good. The insults rained like small lead pellets, and they may have come from none other than Tom Cruise.

While the grammatically-impaired emailer responsible for the missive below didn't signal or indicate or announce himself, "I'm pretty positive this is him," Drew tells Boing Boing, The I.P. belongs to Paramount Studios, and he's writing about a story we linked about him and Katie splitting up."

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 19:29:52 -0500 (EST)
From: fark off farkers
To: drew@fark.com, mike@fark.com, meg@fark.com
Subject: FARK : Error report from fark off farkers (

The following was submitted:

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I can't believe that people actually read and or believe this bull shit that is posted on fark.com. This is the first time I have been to fark.com and definatly the last. Considering I am witness to a lot of shit that goes on in hollywood, its hard to post some complete bull shit rumor say about tom cruise and katie holmes breaking up when they are sitting in front of you acting completely normal and sane. You guys must have small penis's since you have to make up shit for people to notice you. Hate to be with you in bed. Dumb shits! You may think I am, at least Im getting rich off being honest and not lieing to everyone in the fucking world.
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Experts familiar with the actor's prosaic style definatly agree -- it could be him. And in a gesture of solidarity with Fark.com, I am -- no lieing! -- at this very moment wearing a CafePress wifebeater that reads, "Silly tom cruise, all bloggers have small penis's."

Link to the Fark.com thread that started it all, "Amusing: Tom and Katie to split. Next time make sure she's OT III before implanting a thetan."