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Tomb raider

Blue Meanies

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If you like Batman Arkham City, Metroid, and especially Uncharted...


My only gripe... even on Hard its very easy.



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finished the game on normal, clocked in about 22 hours with 69% completion. now just trying to find every tomb, relics. Loved the death scenes.


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This game has blown up my PS3 causing it to crash and have to do a system restore. I was really enjoying it and was about 1/3 of the way through.
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Dam this game is fun, four hours disappeared last night. I love all the ways you can die. Great graphics as your head get crushed, or face gets eaten off. I find the controls easy to navigate.


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It's a guilty pleasure, this game, these Tomb Raider games... it feels to me like they focus grouped legions of long-time Lara Croft afficionadii to determine what it was they really enjoyed about Lara...

So the boobs bouncing up and down is one thing - breasts, we love'em. New Lara has to have a decent, but really realistic rack. Done and done.

And they like how she grunts when she jumps and lands or grapples things. Unh! Ok so they really ramped this up for New Lara. She's whimpering, crying, yelling, "oh God..." almost constantly. It's awesome.

And we come to feel protective of Lara in the previous games, she's your little parkour marionette and you're guiding her through under and over dangerous obstacles. This new game ramps up that protective puppeteer-puppet relationship to the max. She is SO vulnerable in this incarnation. She gets the shit kicked out of her and you really, really want to help her survive. Of course, we also enjoy ramming her into submerged spikes and burning her up and throwing her off cliffs and such just to see how she dies over and over but that's a darker corner we go to... but our primary objective is to see her through and watch her go and go... And we love watching her go...
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just finished it.. and wow that game was solid.

now THAT is a tomb raider game. can't wait for the sequel

Blue Meanies

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Just finished this today! Amazing game from start to finish! Loved the ending and looking forward to the future of this new Lara!