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Tom Stephan (Superchumbo)

Discussion in 'House Room' started by Sugar D, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter

    Tom Stephan's CD, Soundworx Session 2, will be available domestically through KOCH on January 22.

    In case you've been under a rock, Tom Stephan is the man behind Superchumbo. He's done countless remixes, most noticably for Get Ur Freak On (Missy Elliot).

    "this guy is hotter than lava right now"- 5 stars Muzik Magazine (Compilation of The Month)
  2. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter


    Christian Hornbostel- Back to The Music (Tough & Twisted Mix)
    Artificial Funk- People Don't Know
    T-Total- Come With Me (Dark Mix)
    Missy Elliot- Get UR Freak On (Superchumbo's Superfreakon remix)
    Alenia- Parada
    Traveor Rockliffe- Jack Y Self
    Trendoid- Hausjam
    Laid Feat. Derek Conyer- Pray
    Indart, Wally & Kucho- The Sea
    Adam Beyer- Remainings 3 (DK Remix)
    Cevin Fisher- Loving You (Cevin's 2001 Summer Mix0
    Yann Fontaine- Intermede (The Beloved Girl Interrupted Mix)
    Nova Scotia- Loose Leaves (Bryan Robson 4/4 mix)
    Nova Scotia- Loose Leaves (Illinton Remix)
  3. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    This month's Ministry magazine has a free 2XCD mix by Tom Stephan.
  4. TheVibe

    TheVibe TRIBE Member

    That's awesome. Been trying to get my hands on some Tom Stephan for a while.

    Gonna pick up the MOS mag as well. $10 mag + free CD is perhaps the best deal around...
  5. HC_P

    HC_P TRIBE Member

    Just picked up the MoS Mag. The CD looks promising, but no "Revolution". I was hoping that Stephan would've included his own track.

    I also saw a DJ Mag, not sure if its the newest, but it had a feature on our very own Mark Scaife and Luke Fair.

    Finally, the Toronto scene/talent is getting some recognition!!
  6. xlr

    xlr TRIBE Member

  7. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    Anyone who gets any comparisons drawn to Danny Tenaglia is good in my books. I'd love to see this guy live to see for myself how hard he can make a party rock, and how dark and tribally he can get. I'll settle for his CD though, and will have to get my hands on the new MOS as well.

  8. kennyboy

    kennyboy TRIBE Member

    Picked up MoS yesterday. Haven't really had time to listen to the entire 2cds but what I have heard, I like.
    Money well spent.
  9. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    Nice to see the montreal boy Lafleche on the cd [​IMG]


  10. TheVibe

    TheVibe TRIBE Member

    Scoured the city to find the MOS magazine, finally got my hands on it.

    Wow, what a great 2 CD set. Stephan's really Top notch.

    Nice addition to my collection!
  11. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    Tom Stephaaaaaan. [​IMG]
    These disks are fucking awesome, especially because the net cost is around $12 and you get a magazine about drugs, partying and women for free.

    Someone needs to get this guy to Toronto. His deep, tribal, house sound is exactly the sound I love. He drops the elements of Tenaglia, Lawler & Deep Dish that make you want to groove. Tenaglia threw down his Missy remix when I saw him at Vinyl this summer. It had the crowd going nuts.

    I really want to see this guy live, him and Miguel Miggs top the list of 'lesser known' DJ's I want to see.

    "Uh, get your freak on...."

  12. TheVibe

    TheVibe TRIBE Member

    I wouldn't consider either of these guys to be "lesser known". Miguel MIGS, for instance, has been around the westcoast house scene for many years, producing tons of tracks, and is actually very well respected within the industry. He may be "lesser-known" to you, and "lesser known" for his DJ skills, but he's far from an underground/regional/up-and-coming DJ/producer.

    Tom Stephan has been blowing up in the UK for nearly a year. He's very much in demand right now, and no question he'll be big in 2002. I wouldn't consider him "lesser-known" either.

    Just for you information.

  13. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    I think by lesser known, he probably meant to say underrated....


  14. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    It's time for a revolution!

    Kyfe < I have tonnes of Superchumbo/Tom Stephan stuff and I love working it into a set!
  15. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    Hold tight. He should be here in March. [​IMG]
  16. TheVibe

    TheVibe TRIBE Member

    Oh boy...that's insane.

  17. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    When and where bro?
  18. Lexicon

    Lexicon TRIBE Member

    His productions and remixes kick so much ass...
  19. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

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