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Tom Jones

Michael Drury

TRIBE Member
Anyone else going to the Tom Jones concert at the Hummingbird on March 9th (Tuesday night)

I could only get a single ticket and I'm fuckin' stoked.

After seeing one of his A&E live concert performaces that man brings the funk and sexy to his stage show bigtime.

If anyone else is going let's meet for a drink in the lobby before we go dance our asses off for ??? hours to TOM AND HIS JONES!

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Big Cheese

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dude you make me fucking howl

only you would bust out to a tom jones show solo

and be totally stoked about it..


you're gonna be beating the cougers off with a frickin stick

i'm tellin you southside 'sauga on the 9th, don't come a knockin if Drury's pads a rawkin


the end


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You are going to have one helluva night sir!

Gonna be some sex-bombs dropped after the show fo sho!

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Originally posted by Michael Drury
LOL! You guys kill me.

You should join me.

The Carleton dance is the least of my worries :D


Man if only I had the cash I'd be there in a second.