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Toleff Lake Party - Cambridge


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First of all, big props to all who organized this one, jamie, sean, etc.... The weather was perfect, a little breezy but not cold at all. The location was amazing, it was hard to belive we were just five minutes outside of Cambridge and not five hours north of Toronto. The vibe was intimate and tight, with everyone in a wicked, wicked mood. Tubesock (who kindly donated the use of his gear) opened the night with his signature breaks style, all mixed up in fine form. Next was Matics, who dropped a sweet Dn' B set, and got the blood flowing in us all. DJNMAC tagged up and dropped a fine set, with a little of everything, from techno to progressive -including the classic Jack's House. I played next, so I won't comment on my own set, that'd be pompusly arrogant. Phobek stepped up right after meself, and dropped an amazing set for his inaugural date behind the decks-nice to finally hear ya brother..And finally, we had the duo of Tygon and Spy-D rip it up with a pounding Hard Trance set, that you just couldn't help but move to. Nice job to all involved, I can't wait to do it again...Next year never seemed so far away.
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Very nice summary Jay I couldn't have put it better my-self...Since you are too modest I will just say that yours was my favourite set of the night, playing some uplifting progerssive, and even throwing in the Sinclar Remix of Little L. It was nice to meet all who I did, and Im already looking forward to the next party.


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Thanks NMAC...I found out there's two seperate remix discs of Little L...the second one also has a Bob Sinclair remix, which is probably the one you have on MP3..It took me like 4 weeks of hunting (from Metropolis to Release and all stores in between) to find the one that I did...it was nice to meet ya, and hear you drop a wicked set. What was that track you played, I walked by and commented on it (I think it had a blue label???)


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Nice word Jay, you put it perfectly! I had one of the most amazing times of my life, the music the atmosphere the setting it was all perfect! Thanks to everyone who put it all together and the performers who provided georgeous beats for all to hear!

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I can't believe a Party I threw not only has a Thread in the Party Review on Tribe, but also is getting 'rave' reviews from the DJ's and the Partiers!
The weather was so great for this Autumn Nite! It was as if God looked down on us and said "Here, have this nite to celebrate the great outdoors and the lake for one last nite for 2001!"
I would like to personally thank all the DJ's for spinning for free at this *FREE* Party! And DJ Tubesock for lending us his DJ Equipment and spinning for the mostpart of the nite. And to Fresh Entertainment for hooking up with the great DJ's we had. And to all the people who came out respected the Lake and surrounding area so that we can do this all over again next year! We'll try to make the next one even better, even though that'll be a hard task itself to try to accomplish.
And an extra big shout out to my best friend Jamie Toleff for calling me up a couple weeks ago and saying "Oct 13, Party out at my grandpa's lake! But this time, let's do it with DJ's! You're in charge of getting them!" Thanks Bro! I think everyone had the time of their life!
This PaRtY was one of the best nites of 2001. If not, the best nite!

It feels so great to hear someone say
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Nice job to all involved, I can't wait to do it again...Next year never seemed so far away.</font>

I feel exactly the same way too!


Sean B