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Today's Weather


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Is it really as nice out as it looks? Yesterday I got all fooled by looking out my window and at the forecast - it ended up being kindof windy and cold. But it's supposed to be 11 degrees out and it looks sunny...

What's the verdict??
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yes it is as nice as it seems.. :)

Originally posted by Cheer Bear
I can't wait to start my garden. YAY

agreed! im soo excited about the new place i got coz i have half the back yard and the front lawn to play with!

hmmm, im a thinking a psychedelic herb garden for the back yard and something japanese influenced for the front lawn.. yay!

love and laffs,


Cheer Bear

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I gotta build up the brick around my front yard garden, last year I didn't do it high enough and if it rained I had mud going down my driveway.

I also planted too many seeds and it overgrew all over the walk to my door.

Oops...I have learned since then.

I don't have a backyard to plant in, cause my dog uses it. Stupid dog.


heehehe...gardens are fun

Smiley Jo

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Patio Dreamin'

I swear that the sun makes me crave cold beer.

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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I just don't know if I would trust the weather.
it is absolutely gorgeous outside, but too many times we have been teased with similar conditions, only to find a snow covered ground the next day.

<-- hoping for spring to be here to stay
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Thanks OPSEU! I was told not to come into work this morning due to "labour issues" and have been doing yard work for my dad in the backyard to make money. (Sould my soul to Kev) It is fabulous out there, be jealous, and I've changed my mind on the strike issue...go ahead Leah!:cool:


I just walked down to City Hall to get a parking permit (finally) and the talking head told me I needed my car's registration. I had no problem walking back to get it. It's fucking beautiful out. Hess Village is in full swing. I took a detour to check it out.

I have had 5 parking tickets in the last 2 weeks and I finally had enough. That's $60 in tickets. I just went and got a parking pass for 1 year. Cost? $53.50. Hamilton is just retardedly inexpensive.


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it's not black bull weather yet, especially when the sun isn't shining directly on you. But it's a welcome intro to the rest of the summer. :)

Goodbye S.A.D. Hello patio-drinking.
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Originally posted by JayIsBored

the only thing distinguishing you from the hobo drunks on queen st is a little black railing :p

kevin would could consider being a hobo drunk on queen a compliment!!:p



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Despite many rumours suggesting otherwise, while I was on Queen Street today, I did not consume and Listerine/Cough Syrup.

And just for the record, although I didn't end up sitting at Black Bull, there was a definite window of opportunity where the sun was on the patio and it looked quite nice.
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