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Today's sunshine girl is...

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Woody said:
pretty darn hot....

good call on this one.
i myself have really stopped bothering to look due to a serious decrease in quality, but this is a nice change.
although, her legs look a bit splotchy.. but whatever, she's hawt!

ps.. the outfit is kinda dumb, but that seems to be a requirement for the Sun or something.

Dr Funk MD

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I'm so turned off by the sunshine girl after working in construction for a year (not that I was ever in to anything the Sun had to offer). It's like the morning ritual to start everyday to flip to the last page and give a five second rundown of how you'd fuck her/what parts of her are ugly/and to rate her tits. When men who are old enough to be her grandfather do this it makes you cringe.
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that one’s going on the wall in the shop for future civilizations to discover... all pinned up against the concrete, long after the fallout.
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