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to those who gave good vibes @tempaural REVIEW4...

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by tempaural, Jul 30, 2001.

  1. tempaural

    tempaural New Member

    from tempaural,

    to all those who came out and gave good vibes @ REVIEW 4...
    luv ya!
    hope we gave u somethin of substance to last and build on...

    medicine muffin, drum major, wizard, & chase
    some real soul n funk!
    appreciate ur support...

    next REVIEW is aug 25
    we'll keep u posted with lineup

    in the meantime,
    @ blue moon
    725 queen e at broadview
    (btwn real jerk & opera house)

    u know the deal,
    pooltables, foosball, piball, arcade

    once again, thank u for makin our thang into somethin more than a party...

    416 603 1947

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