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to those going to miami...


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have a great time at the winter music conference...the weather looks hot...the beaches look hot...the parties look hot & it looks like canada is representing large!!!!!!!! have fun everybody, & luke blow the place away...& tara & lynn bring back lots of pictures :D (plus let us know what the big choons are for the spring...)

see ya all at hybrid...



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Thanks sweetie!! I'm sure it'll be fun.....

See you for Hybrid (provided I'm coherent)!



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Nesta, you're "location" is so funny. Big ups to da man Roni Size, where ever he is.
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Yeah this should be a FUN trip.. took a couple days off school as I am going to be very sick.. and instead I am going to the conference :D


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Thanks for the wishes, John...you'll get a detailed report when I get back.
The trouble starts tomorrow night at Bedrock...yeeeehaaaaaw...

Tara and Lynn...see you there!