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To the east my brother... to the east


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Putting dates together for a little East Coast tour in March. So far it starts Sat March 13th @ Focus.

More dates to follow... stoked to party with the T-O massive once again!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I'll be supporting.
Maybe you can bring your board and shred(read: chop) your way through our hills that we like to call mountains covered in ice and slush that we call snow.

Robb G

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Sure you've got the beautiful mountains and ocean out west but you've always got to come home ;)

See you soon Mr Soda.


Soda giving Terry Hooligan a kiss after a few too many drinks at the Botchit night in London.


Lucie Tic

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mountains and oceans!!!!??????

oh i miss home!!!!.......can't wait soda. always a good time in vanouver or toronto.


(first official post on tribe! yay)
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Hey Lucy.... i spoke with Kick about playing at Free Bass. Hopefully it goes through.... and hopefully your playing that night as well (we'ze be gettin' tippsy fo sho!).