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TO Jazz Fest Comin' & Adding Hip Hop!


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from The Star

Jazz fest adding hip hop
Sax stars, Etta James are headliners

`Downtown' name trimmed for 20th
Apr. 26, 2006. 01:00 AM

Toronto's biggest annual jazz event is celebrating its 20th anniversary by spreading its wings and changing its name.

Now called the Toronto Jazz Festival — Downtown has been dropped from its moniker to reflect its growth and diversity, organizers say — the fete will run June 23 to July 2 and feature some big-name debuts and repeat favourites at more than 40 locations around the city.

Judging by the oohs and aahs from onlookers at yesterday's lineup event at the Sheraton Centre, the slate of elite saxophonists — George Coleman, Yusef Lateef, Pharoah Sanders, Kenny Garrett and Paquito D'Rivera — is the top note.

However, two festival first-timers, singer Etta James and guitarist/vocalist John Pizzarelli, are guaranteed warm welcomes, as are returning pianist Dave Brubeck and the Mingus Big Band.

This year's inclusion of hip-hop artists De La Soul and Kardinal Offishall, Brazilian vocalist Seu Jorge and local R&B singers Jacksoul and Divine Brown is indicative of the festival's ever-widening "umbrella," said artistic director Jim Galloway.

"The music is expanding," he said, "and as it becomes more embracing, that helps to widen the audience."

Galloway reminisced about the festival's inaugural year, comprised of just three major venues, and he waved the thin 1987 program around, but he also noted that heavyweights Miles Davis and Stan Getz were on the playbill.

The festival, recently named Canada's best at the National Jazz Awards, is now a $3.5 million effort showcasing 1,500 musicians and 350 concerts and atttracting half a million people.

Among the new components:

EuroJazz: a series showcasing cutting-edge music from the likes of Joost Buis, Zanussi Five and the Igor Butman Quartet.

A Phat Tuesday celebration honouring New Orleans and fundraising for post-Katrina relief.

JAZZ.FM91 will broadcast live from Nathan Phillips Square throughout the festival.

Having adopted the Regent Park School for Music as its charity, the festival is inviting its 170 students, aged 5 to 16, to attend the festival and raise money for instruments from its sponsors.

Galloway said there is a slight increase in ticket prices for the mainstage (top price $95) but a significant portion of the festival remains free.

"Ideally, we'd give it all away, but artists' fees and travel costs don't go down," he said.


i'm in 4sho
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i definitely need to look the program over with a fine tooth comb and pick my top ones. there is an impressive line-up (specially those sax players!).
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A couple of years ago, Maestro performed on stage with a jazzy hip-hop group (I forget their name) and it was one of the highlights of the festival for me. The man still got skillz.


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the lineup is fucking insaneo

sweet jesus...etta james?!

man I'm booking time off work to come back to toronto for these dates
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De la?!?!

I haven't seen them since the last time they came to T.O. with Tribe Called Quest.

I'm there!


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solacevip said:
De la?!?!

I haven't seen them since the last time they came to T.O. with Tribe Called Quest.

I'm there!

1995 at the Palladium

My favorite concert of all time :cool:
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--> ummmmmm...HELLO! Charlie hunter!



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checking out the site. some of my picks are:

mingus big band
maceo parker
mccoy tyner
yusef lateef
don thompson quartet
etta james
de la soul

haha. i love how they bill the 12:30 to 3:30 am events as "after hours"

TaCk OnE?

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I've been trying to catch De La for like ten years

I'm cursed, I can never make it.

I was closest when they played at DEMF, and we were stuck in customs while I could hear them in the distance....GRRRRRRRRRRR.

this is great.
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judge wopner

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"EuroJazz: a series showcasing cutting-edge music from the likes of Joost Buis, Zanussi Five and the Igor Butman Quartet."

Zanussi Five is Belgium's answer to J-five
and the Igor Butman Quartet is Slovenia's answer to Dave Brubeck.


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Weird..... Divine Brown and Jacksoul are coming to the Saskatoon Jazz Festival as well.

Kardinal is playing with The Pocket Dwellars instead of De La Soul though.

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