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To Catch A predator


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ok so Dateline has been doing this series on catching online predators and I came accross this one on you tube...

for those who haven't heard of /seen this basically dateline rents a house and sets up hidden camaeras and uses pervertedJuctice.com volunteers to pose as young girls in chat rooms on the web in the hopes to invite them over for sex...when they do come over...the Dateline guy confronts them and grills them...then lets them go only to be arressted outside by local cops for various charges in repsct to the meeting...

(apparently they do not entrap these guys as the decoy's just wait online for guys to message them)

weather it holds up in court is another argument...it's pretty creepy yet facinating....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HpIuQrhcC0&search=to catch a predator
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Syntax Error said:
sex with 14 year-olds is legal in canada. i thought the whole disguised cop thing was a bit over the top.

That wasn't a cop in snipers clothing- it was Robin Williams.


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yea, my friends are totally bugging me about that. boy is my face red. I thought it was a typo, and I was going to see a girl who was 31, not 13. I'd better call and cancel my moms cable.
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if you intend to have sex with them?

not in this country :D.. er... :(

But it's illegal to set-up a meeting to have sex with a minor in the states.
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This has to be one of the lowest lows I've seen American TV reach. Although I understand what a deterrent this episode airing will be, let's not forget that NBC is profiting off this trash which is nothing more than Jerry Springer dressed up as “investigative journalism”.