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To all of you, tribe father, brothers and sisters-


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I got my flight ticket booked today, and this makes it more official that I am moving to Japan on April 3rd of 2002 for the new chapter in my life:

Wed, April 3rd Air Canada AC 0105
From : Toronto ON, Canada (YYZ)
Departs: 8:45am
To :Vancouver BC, Canada (YVR)
Arrives: 10:46am

Wed, April 3rd Air Canada AC 0003
From: Vancouver BC, Canada (YVR)
Departs: 1:55pm
To: Tokyo Narita, Japan (NRT)
Arrives: 5:00pm (April 4th 2002 Japan time)
Terminal 2

I have not touched my feelings and thoughts about some of you tribers after my decision to move to Japan.

And just like I always showed my honest feelings at many occasions when:
-I was having problems with my romantic feelings with my best friend and its dilemma,
-I had my ex-room mate using our living room as a storage, making me go really mad!!! LOL
-my room mate brought his brother into our place and living there for over one month without any financial help and often dropping his thing off his nasty underwear he was wearing as he slept in the living room..
-I found myself having a cyst on my left hand side ovary in the summer of 2001,
to you guys, I also want to share how I feel about this whole tribe community that always helped me when I faced some difficult time in my life and always brought me some giggles and smiles as you tribers (lol) all behaved so kind, thoughtful, cheerful, supportive, and sometime good crazy in a positive manner (this is my kind of expression :p) with me :)

I have no intention of quiting what i was able to gain with some of the amazing people that I have come to encounter from this tribe community.

All of you were always supportive, kind, cheerful, helpful, thoughtful, sharing, giving, and wonderful with me when we had our talk through the tribe threads, chat on icq, or little chat when we encounter at places like:
-subway trains (andrew, we never got to see each other at york..lol),
-york university campus (steve i still think that our first talk in person was one of the most wicked kind i have ever in my life),
-house parties (@m, kf and tommy, you guys were wicked making me turn into a techno head when I just moved here in toronto! never forget the power of deep red ),
-tonic wednesday (madnezz, it was always techno we brought us together! and shake our asses..lol, tom, i always loved dancing all nite with you, ritika, i always admired your cool attitude and your intelligence and outlook on life, balzz, you and your g.f. always made me dance harder..lol..i thanks for the great vibe at the parties! you need to come out dance more often! lol,
-turbo friday and saturday nites (suke, you were the first person who recognized me on the board from spotting at my spot dancing like a sweatie piggie! lol, naomi, you always had this reflection of inner and outer beauties within you..you are one of the example of: it is all in the eyes ;), smiley jo, i also spotted you there! your smile were always one of the cutest kind! we will always discuss our girl's problems together! hehe *hugs*, pink angel, i also spotted you there at turbo..i liked to see you dancing..you always made me feel: "you go girl! lol", rob, i also spotted you sweating decent like myself! lol i will always remember your incredible sweet personalities, e-eriot & jordan, i always admired the passion you both share with many things..and seeing both of you grew together..such a wicked thing....

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I also remember my good time with joey sipping on our bubble teas, talking to shannon about wonderful love she has and making me giggle so much... marcia for always being so strong on her own and always persueing her things that makes her more special than the rest of the girls..hehe, steppa for always being soo cool with me, always having the moment to share things with me at some clubs, sabina for being one of the sweetest person ever, always knowing where i come from and support me at my difficult time just being so sweet and generous with me (i will never forget about our letter exchage during my camp), stacey for always standing up strong for women's rights and also being crazy and be funny at the same time, amber for sharing stories on one of her most special things in her life, simon for the endless nite conversations we shared with each other.., vinder for kindly always treating me like a fine lady..lol and be such a wicked buddie that I can not ask from anyone else..., steve for always incredibly supportive and cheering with me..i will never forget your kindness to come and help my sudden move without even not going to work that day! (do not ever forget that gum on the wall you left in my old aprtment), tyler for always honest and sharing with his life..i always loved talking to you on icq...,luke for always being there for me and sharing his great skills on graphic art and such, kife for sharing his mighty art work with all of us and always making me laugh with his great sense of humour, amy thompson for always having that sweet smile and also being so helpful at my difficult time when someone took 300 dollar from me..lol, plato for always sharing amazing art work, his many interests on things with us, deep for always rational and smart and having great outlook on life and yet having crazy personality at times, dj clint for always sharing great dan curtin and john tejada music with me, mad for having one of the amazing production talent within him and sharing some of the private stories of his life with me, allie for always sharing and yet so honest and happy and cheerful with all of us (i will never forget your giggle, girl *tears*), timo and sugar for always funny and sweet (timo is crazy..lol), subsonic chronic pete & moez for being one of the cutest and sweetest couple ever!!! (i am serious), matt, beaker for always smiley, and yet always sweet when we bumped into each other, and helping a lot for my sister's decision making on her college, will for always standing so strong..like a mighty king and yet having this sweet heart within him, french disco girl for having one of the wisest wisdom within her, tony for attending my b-day party all the way from london and for our special talk we shared, skebe jijii for always understanding my outlook on life, and always making me laugh and always being there for me when I had to talk about the boy....lol, kenny for always being a bit of an attention whore, but always having this cute smile ((so i forgive you! lol)), sunkist for always SO CUTE, mofo for always sharing some private life with us and being so sharing and entertaining me on this cyber space with his comments and great art work, loress for always so energetic and hot!!!, under 18 for always so honest with her feelings and true to herself even on this cyber space..and yes, being so beautiful, dave the ch2o for also being so honest and sharing his wisdom with all of us.., jus me for incredibly cute and yet sharing with her knowledge with me, cheeka & sassy for always sharing some honest thoughts about me and making me feel so special!! really.. and for being real with all of us, tina for being one of the greatest writers on the board and always making us laugh with her comments, keith for always having fun and just being so sweet with us, futronic for sharing many amazing photos and helping me when I needed someone for some advise or just wanted to talk to somone on icq, petra for always being so strong and inspiring me with her strength and being a wicked dancer, mingster & doodlebug for such a cute girl friends who always made me smile to spot both online and both at parties!! , dj jake the snake for always having the moment to talk with me at clubs. bombakrat & stargurl* for sharing amazing photos with us, nesta for always having the wicked smile on his face, cheryl for super sweet even from the moment we met, janiecakes for her intellect and broad minded personality that i always admired, sweet pea & girl friday for always being so positive and having great vibe with me, kevin & macbee for yet again one of the cutest couple who just makes everyone smile for being so happy together, klubmaster will for being such a positive influence and support in our scene in toronto, that 420 guy for being original and so mighty unique and cool (i still want to ride your rider,lol), disco stu for always sharing some stories from his town..lol, vidman for being such a cool news reporter all the time, sky party for always honest and open and funny with us, air bag for sharing a lot of pics with us on the board with his digi cam, jreremy for always having this sense of humor that made me giggle here at the front of the computer all the time, dazed, rosey and tearer for being a few of the cool boys on the board, OTIS & cc for sharing some outlook on life that helped me decide important decisions in my life, jayisbored for almost always commenting on my thread..lol for real! lol, mr. tall for being so thoughtful in person and having some evil persona (i know you were always joking..lol) and making me laugh reading what you do to some threads on the board, BBB for being strong and yet sharing his true emotions with us on the board (your comments always touched me because you were always honest), dark-rave for always sharing great outlook on life with me, mighty plum, ron for always supportive to me (i will never forget your help during the summer!), cheeka's roomie, dick for having such a wicked sense of humour..and vench for the email exchange we shared for a bit...provitae for also being so honest and having her great intellect and outlook on things.. DJ alchemy for always having such great vibe and being a good example of action taker..and not just a dreamer...

there are many more to list.. and if i did not list here, i am sorry, but that does not mean i enjoyed reading your pots..
i have just met cool people like swenard, Lysistrataand atomic, and i need to move..so it is not really FAIR..lol but yes, i gotta Japan is calling me..hehe

i would like to send the biggest thank you to alex d for creating such a wicked community like tribe.

Well, Like i said, I have no intention of quiting triber (lol), so I am pretty sure that you will see me posting from thousand miles away in Japan through our massive technology we have..lol,
but I just wanted to say my THANK YOU for each one of you who gave me positive energy as I spent some of my time on this board and outside through this community.

Thank you, and will miss you, but will always come back, so keep that in your mind! lol

Thank you for reading!!




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wow, i don't even know ya, but that was the most profound post i've ever read on a msg board. good luck in japan!

btw, i'm thinking of moving to japan for a year after i graduate. any tips?


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I'll always regret not having had the chance to meet you in person :(
you are one of the most sincere and honests people ever kumi-chan and i wish you all the luck & happiness as you embark for your new life back in your native japan

keep posting your great pics and make us jealous with stories of seeing ken ishii and nobukazu takemura and the likes





Aw Kumi; you're the sweetest thing on 2 feet.

Don't forget that it's the Internet, so we're always just a few keytaps away.

"One of the cool boys" - too cute.

I'm happy that you were able to work out a decision that's obviously the best for you. Keep in touch, and have loads of fun in Japan.
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Adam Duke

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Kumi, i wish you nothing but happiness and will be sorry to see you leave....but you're coming back, RIGHT??? :)

You know how i feel....I will see you tonight and hopefully again before your departure.

With all my heart,



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wow, Kumy, I am both inspired and proud of you!!

I too would like to take off to Asia one day :) teach some people art and English!

"all the ladies - who are independent - THROW YOU HANDS UP AT ME!!!!"

good luck!


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thank you sister and brothas.

yes, i will return..
my baby sister will come to canada for her highschool in 2 years, so as long as there is a need for me to babysit her then, i must come back here in canada even i become addicted living in Japan.


I will be gone for at least one year and 2 months because of the contract..hope i can come back here then.
but otherwise, we all see each other at different places wherever the universe take us to meet :) hehe
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da MiGHTy pLUm!

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wow, kumi, you deffinitely are one of the most positive people I've had the good fortune of meeting, able to put a positive spin on anything regardless of what you're faced with. For that you have my utmost admiration and respect.

I'm not sure how much help I was over the summer though since there were problems here and there ^_^;; but I guess if being the gofor between you and tiffany helped then I'm glad it made things a bit easier for you.

have fun doing what you're doing.



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I really wish I had gotten the opportunity to know you better than the couple of times we met. From everything I've seen of you, you are a beautiful, considerate, intelligent, funny, spiritually aware woman who dances like a dream and should serve as an inspiration to us all. I hope you enjoy the new chapter of your life. Lots of love..


Perhaps we'll meet again..


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Kumi - all the best to you in your adventures abroad. It was nice getting to know you in the brief time when we were emailing each other. It is such a shame that we never got to meet in person, although I know for a fact that we were at some of the same parties/clubs and didn't even know it (at the time that is).

Your wisdom, intellect and insight into all things no matter how big or small, was always a pleasure to read. Many times did I share some of your views on certain things and it showed that you always poured emotion into everything you wrote.

I got to know you without a single meeting and we became friends without uttering a single word to each other - and it has been extremely nice.

All the best to you in your brave move back to Japan. Who knows, I might be planning to visit there sometime this June. I think it'd be funny if we ran into each other there.

Best of luck in all your future endevours.

vench :) :) :) :) :)


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Kumi, I don't know what to say.

Of anyone on the board you were always the friendliest and most compassionate.

Whatever the event, whatever the time, you always lit up the all the places you went and the people you encountered.

I have never met anyone as cheerful and genuine as you. You always brightened my day :)

I guess it's time other people had their chance to meet such a wonderful person.

We'll miss you so much Kumi. Please keep posting from Japan!

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Klubmasta Will

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wow. i am speechless. thanks for reminding us about what made this place special.

the few times i met you i was astounded by your sheer enthusiasm, sincerity and positive attitude. i wish i knew you better.

good luck in japan kumi. make all your dreams come true hun.

love and respect,



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awww...CONGRATS KUMI !!!!

We're all going to miss you when you're gone - but i know i'll run into you again sometime ;)

Good luck, and all the best !!!!



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Well like most here I'm soooo blown away by that post. Completely speachless at this moment!!

I guess all I can say is it was such a pleasure getting to know you Kumi! Everything that I could even think to say (at this moment) has already been mentioned by everyone else.

Good luck and continued happiness and positivity:) you out of anyone here demonstrates how life should be lived!

Take care sweetie

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Subsonic Chronic

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Kumi, it's been a pleasure knowing you and reading what you have to say on Tribe. I hope that your trip back to Japan leads to some great adventures and that you meet more wonderful people.



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Bye Kumi

I wish I'd had a chance to meet you but that certainly won't keep me from wishing you all the good luck in the world

Let us know when you get to try that fatty tuna belly sashimi that they're going crazy for in japan right now (up to $100,000 per fish at auction...can you imagine?)

Big up!!



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I'm going to miss you Kumi. You're one of those people that just has a presence. Everytime I've ever run into you, you've just eminated positivity, happiness, goodwill. Plus, you're like as big as a smurf and dance your ass off so that makes you even better. Best wishes for your life in Japan and thanks for having spent some time with us over here on this side of the pond.


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your going to leave eh?

I am going to miss you!!!!
I too, enjoyed that talk we had when we first met.
I wish us the chance to have many more conversations! Hopefully you'll be back sometime or that we can at least keep intouch, wherever you go!

I see great things in your future!
Keep the faith!

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