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TLTM019.2: Jamie Kidd vs. Noah Pred live at Milkrun [Techno/Tech-House]

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by sentience, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. sentience

    sentience TRIBE Promoter

    Thoughtless Transmissions presents…


    Recorded live at Milkrun Toronto, Jamie and Noah's set on four decks thrilled the d-floor with raw energy...

    Click here to download!

    01 Luna City Express - Time & Space (Martinez Remix) [Moon Harbour]
    02 Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch - Channel 0 [H.Productions]
    03 Vladimir Corbin - Noturn [Core]
    04 Edu Imbernon & Coyu - La Coincidencia [Tronic]
    05 Super Flu - Bukkake Beyonce [Monaberry]
    06 Roland M. Dill - Hash Browns [Trapez]
    07 Pfirter - Mi Estudio [CLR]
    08 Ahmet Sisman - Hey Now [Cocoon]
    09 Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Hausnummer [MBF]
    10 Cari Lekebusch - Goth Night [H.Productions]
    11 Marshall - Black Pepper [303Lovers]
    12 Pete Grove - No Relief (Pan/Tone Remix) [Thoughtless]

    TLTM019.2: Jamie Kidd vs. Noah Pred - click here to download!

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