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Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
I can't seem to ever get enough rest. No matter how early I go to bed or how long I sleep I'm always tired. Less rest, more rest it doesn't matter. Life is a constant state of tiredness.

If I'm like this in my mid 20's I hate to think about what I'll be like in my 40's

Somebody has to have some sort of cure for this.

jeremy -nap time- jive
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Originally posted by Jeremy
Then I'll be a fatty fatty 2 by 4 couldn't wake up off the bedroom floor.

Well, what would you rather be: fat and lively, or skinny and asleep?

that down comforter won't show off those rippling abs.

j bunny 2000

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I'm uber tired. I stayed up all night finishing my final drafting assignment for school. I look like a zombie and my eyes are all gross and bloodshot. This is going to be the longest day evar !
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Jeremy Jive

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There has to be a job out there where you get paid to just sleep.

Maybe I can make it into an olympic sport. It does take training and dedication.

They would have to make a special platinum medal just for me. Because I would be too lazy to wake up and go get the medal. That is some serious respect for a sport.

jeremy -knodding off- jive


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The days are almost at their shortest of the whole year - it's understandable that you feel more tired than usual.

At least you are still able to work out...I get home from work and just want to sit on the couch and eat carbs.

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Skipper
At least you are still able to work out...I get home from work and just want to sit on the couch and eat carbs.
The gym is around the corner litterally from my office and on my way home. It's not that hard.

But carbs are very very tempting. mmmmmmmmpasta.

jeremy -sawing logs- jive


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I am SUPER tired too - it is such a busy time in general - I feel like all I do is eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep. I cant wait for December to be over...


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Hey Jeremy...

Chronic fatigue is often related to depression however, it could be something as simple as a B vitimin deficiency.... or cal/mag deficiency... There are a million and one reasons for fatigue. We'd really have to chat for a bit before I'd have a good idea about what's causing yours. Pm me or send me an email @ thai-massage@sympatico.ca.

Shawna - you were at my birthday party - Robertson :)
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~Lack of sunlight (increase Vitamin D and go for a fake and bake every now and then)

~you AWLAYS skip breakfest (most important meal of the day) I guarantee starting your day off with fruit will help immensely

~stay away from carbs after 5pm...

~get massages 3 times a week! :D

~have lots of sex

~drink tonnes of water



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Have you tried a SAD lamp? I was skeptical, but it's worked for me. I stare into the thing for 30 mins each morning & it makes a world of difference.

Also, keep your circadian (sp?) rhythm constant. My experiece has been that even one night out (back @ mine ~ 6am) can take a week to recover from.