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Tiny Skirts!

the Doctor

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Originally posted by JAR
There DEFINITELY weren't any girls wearing Tinty Skirts when I went to UTS ('91 - '93). Man I hated that place...I guess that's why I only lasted 2 years.

(here you go Jordan)


I was there from '89-'95 sans the tiny skirts ... who are you JAR?
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ah, this is always an issue at my school when the weather turns nice(sometimes when its not too).

personally i don't really notice it too much, and don't care, but i also have no problem telling girls they have the option to wear something longer or get out of my class.
certainly doesn't bother or embarass me in any way.


Originally posted by JAR
c'mon Mike, you like it...just a little...

ha ha.
you know when i originally typed that above, i actually wrote "no problem telling girls to wear something shorter", before i realized the slip.
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