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Tinker Podcast - Tim B - A Deep Tech Trip

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Zoiders, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Zoiders

    Zoiders TRIBE Member


    The latest mix from the Tinker podcast...

    "The quality of DJ mixes on the Tinker podcast is so high it really makes you think what you are going to put in the mix, hopefully I've managed a good balance of deep smooth grooves, trippy minimal tech and upfront house.

    The first half hour is more of a warm up set, with lots of deep, organic, tribal sounds blended with some hypnotic minimal tech. Plus a amazing track from Gorge 'Xaxax'.

    35 minutes in we step it up a gear and break out some funky grooves with Luca Bear, Romano Alfieri, Tim Green and DJ Wady. DJ Wadys remix of 'Aymara' is the best track in the mix, I'm a big fan of the original but this kills it!

    I hope enjoy this episode..."


    01. Emeka - Bullerenque - Paul Mad Dub Remix
    02. Pepo - Kind Of Magic
    03. Sergio Fernandez - A Bailar (Club Mix)
    04. Doomwork - Fresh (Original Mix)
    05. Marc Marzenit - Its Caracas (Prompt Remix)
    06. Giom - Things U Do
    07. Gorge - Xaxax
    08. Nico Lahs - Ask For Soul
    09. Luca Bear - Love U (Romano Alfieri Remix)
    10. Romano Alfieri - Bring The Beat
    12. Romano Alfieri, Luca Bear, Julien Sandre - All I Wanna Do
    13. Acumen,Timid Boy - You Make Me (Bart Skils Remix)
    14. Italoboyz feat fadila - Dont Talk (Mihalis Safras Remix)
    15. Tim Green - Crispy Chairs
    16. Matteo DiMarr - F This Club
    17. Hector Couto - Aymara (DJ Wady Bedroom Remix)

    Length: 65 minutes


    Tinker Podcast
    Direct Download

    With over 2500 downloads in its first day of being published this mix is shaping up to be one of biggest episodes yet!! We also have EXCLUSIVE mixes from Okain, Arnaud Le Texier and Edu K just follow the Link.

    Next week Luca Bear steps up to the mark to showcase his talents.


    You can subscribe to the tinker podcast via Itunes, which I highly recommend you do.


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