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Timo Mass @ Tonic



God Damn, I'm pissed that I missed this, but I had a class a 8am today, so I could go.

Well how was it?

Adam Duke

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Solid. The place was rammed (unfortunately), Leon Alexander was very smooth - he played a great lead-in set(not that he couldn't have held his own!), then came Timo.
Timo played some VERY thin, dark, bassy techno for the first 45 minutes or so, then he let loose his fury of slammin' Maas tracks. He played that new "Special K" track, "Force" by Technasia, and a bunch of others that I'm sure people recognized. It was very crowd pleasing.
I really liked his programming, but to be frank - he was the biggest socialite behind the decks. Almost no mixing at all(my only complaint). What mixing was done however, wasn't trainwreck styles - so there's a bit of Dj in this producer.
Kenny Glasgow and Paul Walker played their usual deal in the back room, solid as always - only wish there were as many people in there as were out watching Timo talk!

Tech care,


Metal Morphosis

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Good solid tracks. Special K ripped shit up.
I'll agree with hardtekfunk that Timo is a bit lazy behind the decks - i didn't see a lot of mixing either.
felt he used the same bass beat a lot (tended to get a little monotonous).

a good set - not great, but good.

btw - great to meet some of the board kids - Suke, Naomi and Tom


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It F**kin'

Nuf said....

The D'N'F

***By the way Timo will be doing a special guest set on my NEW Internet Show NeXT... Fri. 17 Called "Get iT iN YA!" on http://1groove.com from 9-11pm
There will B a contest. And you can win a signed copy of his newest CD.

A added benefit if you listen to my show....
So stay tuned.... for more world class Dj's in the coming month's...

The Drag'N'fly
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Charles Barkely

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When a DJ is flown into town, put up in hotel,and given a prime time slot on a much anticipated night in a front of crowd comprised of mainly aspiring bedroom djs and serious partiers (hence , For Those Who Know) - I personally would have expected more than what Mr.Timo Maas provided last night. Simply put - he blatantly defined himself as a brilliant remixer/producer but a very average dj. His track selection was OK, his mixing was "safe" (i.e nothing too elaborate) and most importantly, his programming was ineffective - no start, no peak, no finish - just a bunch of good sounding records he slapped on the decks in between conversations he was having with the lovely crowd in the vip area. But you know what, I should have known. If anyone has had the opportunity to listen to his Dirty Trancing CD that was included with a past issue of Mixmag, you'll know what I mean. The cd included some of the most amazing pumping progressive tracks but for some bizarre reason the mixing was consistently poor. I don't claim myself to be a Sasha nor a Digweed, but when you put your name on a cd that's going to be included with one the major clubbing magazines throughout the world and end up in the hands of most bedroom djs, clubbers, promoters, etc., I'd expect something way more than the way that cd was put together. As I said earlier, if you've heard the cd, you know what I'm talking about. Nevertheless, Timo is still king in the studio - his remix of "Flash" is killer, "Push That Thing" is dark and mean, and his re-working of "Pumpin'" is, as he puts it himself - wet'n hard.
Exceptional remixer/producer, Average DJ. Well...that's my 2 cents.



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From what I've heard, Timo Maas in general isn't a very good mixer. I think most of us go see Timo Maas to hear what tracks will be coming out in the next 4 months.

He is a brilliant producer/remixer though...




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Charles really nailed it.
I thought he was alright...wait, was he there? I never saw anyone behind the decks.
His mixing was definitely the...take-it-easy, no-risks=no-mistakes method. Very unimpressed. Many of the tracks were great, but I'm not sure they went together all that well. I'm no DJ, but he lacked flow.
Well...I came I saw I danced I left.

Par- T

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Dora, you summed up my thoughts - all fairly similar. I talked some, danced some, watched some (didn't see much though), drank some and listened some.

Had higher hopes for this night since I was really looking forward to it, but what can you do. My party choices lately have not been what I have hoped for.

Me -> waiting for Deep Dish