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time to reflect (happy new year)


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Well guys, another year has come and gone. I for one, am not sad to see it go. Don't get me wrong, this year was monumental for me in more ways than one. The highs were high, and the lows were really low. Unlike last year, and so many others, this one will definitely not be forgotten. A lot of people have come and gone. Some due to very unfortunate deaths, and others just simply because we couldn't settle our differences.

As I think back on the passing year, I can't help but feel ambivalent, or even ambiguous. Part of me feels older and wiser for having seen and experienced some of the things I did, and another part of me feels like the world robbed me of my childlike exuberance. All in all, this year has been quite trying on my patience and emtional stability, and yet, I regret nothing.

There's something to be said about the relation between losing all hope and having a newfound sense of optimism. Maybe it's like Tyler Durden said "It's not until we lose everything that we're free to do anything".

...So in the spirit of hopefulness, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year. My only resolution this year, is to try and be hopeful that the upcoming year will be bigger, and better.


Jeremy Jive

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Wow what a year thats for sure.

I met new friends, lost some old ones. Fell in love, fell out of love. Made some changes, and made some serious mistakes.

I got the job that I always wanted, made some sacrifices to do it but I'm happy now.

I got in touch with a dear friend that I missed for so many years. We were living around the corner from each other the whole time and didn't know it.

The biggest thing about 2003 is that I realized a lot of things about myself. The things that i want, deserve and need in my life. More importantly, I realized the things and people that I don't want in my life.

2004 is looking good and I can't wait to get it started. I'm going to focus on my career and keep myself open to new friends and to finding love again.

Today I'm going to start applying for a work visa to spain.

jeremy -here is to a new year and a new leaf- jive


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Thanks to Naomi's 2003 thread, I realized how much this year has rocked once I started listing off the good and the bad....I can only hope and try for more of the same in 2004. But eventually the good times have to run out, life has to throw you a curveball, and I'm a little nervous that my time for that is coming.

Only bad thing was there was so serious steps back in my relationship with my father (dare I call him my Dad?) which don't appear to be going forward.
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well the year is done and the feeling is that there is more partying to do and more people to meet. the time flies and nobody knows where it goes, but one thing remains constant......and it is my words of advice for the new year.....

a joint a day keeps the doctor away!

this true, maybe even more than a joint a day, but i will say i haven't needed the doctor other than for an exemption from an exam in the last few years and love tokin, so i guess that is why.
wait a minute was i talkig about a new year or something....
*puff puff*

anyways, happy freakin new year!!!